What Is the Veil in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Explained
Image Source: Bungie

What Is the Veil in Destiny 2: Lightfall? Explained

Pulling back the veil.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph introduced Guardians to an object of immense power referred to as the Veil: an object that seemingly will play a role in future events. Destiny 2: Lightfall is here, and you’ve probably heard that same term being referenced a few times as you gear up for your fight against the Witness. If you’re stuck wondering what the Veil is, here’s everything you need to know about the object in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

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What Is the Veil in Destiny 2: Lightfall? Answered

What Is the Veil in Destiny 2: Lightfall? Explained
Image Source: Bungie

At this moment, the exact answer to what the Veil is is unclear, aside from the fact that it is an object of immense power residing in Neomuna. This was revealed during the previously Season of the Seraph by Rasputin in his final moments.

Since its launch a few years back, Destiny’s story has evolved into something relatively massive in scale. After being pioneers of the Light, the introduction of new Darkness-based classes has become a central figure of the story, as the forces of Darkness evolves into a monstrous entity. The latest threat comes in the form of the Witness, an all-powerful being whose presence has been teased for some time. 

The Guardians have been scrambling to prepare a method of defense against the Witness, and Rapsutin’s last words seem to be the “cure” to the problem, as the Veil is referenced as a “paracausal” or immense power. The problem arises that the Witness knows about the Veil, so don’t expect a free ride to clear the big bad guy this time around. As the story unfolds, we’ll discover what the Veil is, but for now, keep your eyes peeled Guardian on what can stop the forces of Darkness.

That’s all you need to know about what the Veil is in Destiny 2. Scroll on below for more Destiny 2 tips and tricks so you can conquer Lightfall and be ready for the ultimate test.

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