What Scovillain's Weakness is in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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What Scovillain’s Weakness Is in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Want to know what Scovillain's weakness is in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? We've got you covered.

Though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may not introduce any new Pokemon types to the mix, the games still have plenty of new monsters with their own strengths and weaknesses for you to decipher. Case in point: Scovillain, one of the stranger new Pokemon introduced, looks and sounds like a cross between a Grass type and Fire type due to its heat scale-based name and Habanero pepper-like design. As such, we don’t blame you for not knowing what Scovillain’s weakness is in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Luckily, we’ve uncovered that information in our own playthrough and compiled our findings in this guide.

Scovillain’s Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Explained

Scovillain’s weaknesses are limited in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, mainly due to the fact that it’s a rare Grass and Fire dual-type Pokemon.

Due to the coverage, both types provide against their given weaknesses, it makes most types of attacks deal standard damage to it. As a result, the only three types of attacks that can deal Super Effective damage to Scovillain are Flying-type moves, Poison-type moves, and Rock-type moves.

However, this isn’t to say that you should immediately send out Pokemon which are aligned with these moves’ types. Rock-type Pokemon would still be vulnerable to Scovillain’s Grass-type moves. Likewise, Flying type or Poison type Pokemon could be vulnerable if they’re a dual type that leaves them weak to Fire or Grass type moves respectively.

As such, we’d recommend using a Pokemon that resists or at least suffers neutral Grass and Fire damage but has a Flying, Poison, or Rock-type offensive move that they’ve learned on their own or been taught by a TM. For example, A Clodsire would take neutral damage from Scovillain’s Fire and Grass-type attacks due to its Ground and Poison dual typing and could deal Super Effective hits through its Poison type moves like Poison Jab.

Hopefully, this cleared up what Scovillain’s weakness is in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more on the games, we’ve got a ton of other guides on topics like how to fly, where to find Roaming Form Gimmighoul, and how to get Ice Stone. we’ve also got plenty of articles related to the wider Pokemon series, which you can view down below.

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