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What Is Project Apple in Spy x Family? Explained

What Is Project Apple in Spy x Family? Explained

What Is Project Apple in Spy x Family? Explained

Here’s what Project Apple is and why it’s important in Spy x Family.

For a series that is largely about episodic hijinks and shenanigans, Spy x Family is host to a surprising amount of lore and worldbuilding. The different political factions, past government initiatives, and organizations aimed at throwing the world off balance all play into the plot regularly, meaning you’ll need to know all you can about them to keep up with the story. This is easier said than done though, and after first hearing of it, you’re probably wondering: What is Project Apple in Spy x Family?

Luckily, we’ve compiled this explainer guide to help get you up to speed.

What Was Project Apple in Spy x Family? Answered

For the most part, Project Apple is exactly what it is described as in the Spy x Family manga and anime.

While the original Ostanian regime was still in power, they funded a secret series of experiments on dogs and other animals. The end goal of these experiments was to make said animals more intelligent, after which they could be given more intricate commands and be used for covert military purposes.

Exactly what these military purposes would have been, though, is unknown. The program proved to be less than worthwhile, with the resulting experiments yielding limited successes at best. Even then, said successes weren’t fully realized by the scientists in charge of the program, resulting in animals like Bond being sent out into the world despite having abilities that far exceeded their goals.

As such, Project Apple falls into the camp of events that are mainly meant to hint at the past evils committed in the name of protecting Ostania. Whether or not it will prove more important as the story goes on is currently unknown.

With that said though, there have been hints that Project Apple will end up being more important once other plot threads are picked back up again; namely, the thread regarding the origins of Anya’s powers.

When they first meet, Anya remarks that Bond’s ability to see into the future is a lot like her ability to read people’s minds. It isn’t given much more attention after that, but this does raise the question of whether or not the person responsible for experimenting on Anya might be related to the one who experimented on Bond.

This is still only a theory though, and nothing has occurred in either the anime or the manga to confirm of rebuke it. As such, we’ll keep an eye out for any new clues or information that could help lead to a firm answer.

Hopefully this cleared up what Project Apple is in Spy x Family. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below. we’ve also got a ton of other anime-related content to peruse, ranging from lists of the best anime fights and rivalries to coverage of the latest most popular anime characters poll.

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