Mona and the witch coven in Genshin Impact
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What is Hexenzirkel? Everything We Know About Genshin Impact’s Witch Coven

Genshin Impact has everything, even a powerful witch coven.

2023’s Windblume Festival is finally here, and with it comes more information on the Hexenzirkel, the witch coven. While there are a lot of leaks coming out about future story content surrounding the witches, including a witch skin for Klee, there’s a lot of already established information deep in Genshin Impact. So, here’s everything we know about Hexenzirkel, Genshin Impact’s witch coven. 

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Not Every Witch Is Tied to the Coven

Is Lisa in the Hexenzirkel Genshin Impact
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It’s important to note that the Hexenzirkel is a coven of witches, but not every witch is part of it. Lisa denies affiliation with the Hexenzirkel, and even La Signora’s voice lines in her boss fight show that she gets offended when she’s called a witch. However, both of these characters are known as major witches (the Witch of the Purple Rose and the Crimson Witch of Flame). 

The Witch Coven Explores Irminsul

Irminsul and the Witch Coven in Genshin Impact
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Once you get Lisa to Friendship Level 4, she’ll have a voice line about Hexenzirkel. The About Mona line reads as follows: “Mona? She seems to be an excellent mage, but I’m not part of their Hexenzirkel. The idea of Irminsul exploration and formal tea parties just leaves me cold.”

Irminsul, the tree featured in Sumeru’s story that holds the memories and knowledge of Teyvat, has played a major role in Genshin Impact’s story so far. The Hexenzirkel explores that knowledge and those memories, which is why one of the witches speaks to the Traveler and Paimon at the end of the 3.4 Story Mission, “As Though Morning Dew.” Given the end of the story mission and the massive presence of Irminsul, it’s likely the coven will soon have a bigger presence.

The Mages’ Tea Party

A story teaser released by Hoyoverse was dedicated to the Hexenzirkel and explained why they gather for tea parties. Supposedly, the group tried to challenge the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, and Barbatos told them to basically make love, not war, through music.

Now, they get together over tea and work out their differences. They don’t support fighting amongst themselves, and they plan to continue doing so for as long as they can, even if Teyvat falls around them.

The Members of the Hexenzirkel

Is Layla in the Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

There seems to be an order to the Hexenzirkel that includes higher-tier witches as leaders based on Mona’s voice-overs about her master. Leaks point to eight witches that play leadership roles, and that could be playable in the game. While some of them are up for speculation, there are a few members that already have details in Genshin Impact.

Alice, Codename A

Klee and the witches in Genshin Impact
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Alice, one of the witches that Mona speaks about in her voice lines, is one of the major witches in the coven. She’s skilled in pretty much everything, and she’s spoken of by many Monstadt favorably. She’s incredibly strong as well, and she’s a bit like Klee in her wild, carefree manor. 

She’s mentioned several times during the Summer events in Genshin Impact as they seem to be crafted by her for the enjoyment of her daughter, Klee. According to Albedo’s Character Stories, Alice took him in and treated him like family. She also introduced Barbara to idols and viewed Diluc as family after his father died. 

Although Alice settled in Monstadt for a time, she was and is currently a traveling sorcerer. Many of the books throughout Teyvat are authored by her, and she’s met many characters in the game because of it. 

Barbeloth, Codename B

Genshin Impact Hexezirkel and Mona's Master
Image: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

Mona’s Master, Barbeloth, is another one of the Hexenzirkel. Everything we know about Barbeloth comes from Mona’s Character Stories and voice lines, but there’s quite a bit of information found there.

Alice and Barbeloth are actually rivals. While they’re equally talented, Barbeloth just isn’t as talented in as many different things as Alice is – it seems like all Mona’s Master is talented in is hydromancy, a form of astrology. 

Andersdotter, Codename M

Andersdotter book and pen Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse on YouTube

There’s not much known about Andersdotter. She’s the author of The Boar Princess and she wishes that her books are passed on after she passes away, but that’s all there is available about her.

Rhinedottir, Codename R

Rhinedottir Alchemy in Genshin Impact
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Rhinedottir has a massive presence in Genshin Impact’s story. She’s also called Gold, and she’s the creator/mother of Albedo and Durin. She’s an alchemist in the Art of Khemia, and she was an integral part of Khaenri’ah. However, it’s not entirely clear how. What is clear is that many of her creations, like Durin and the Riftwolves, are terrorizing Teyvat.

Rhinedottir has also traveled across worlds in a way that seems similar to the Traveler and their Sibling.

I. Ivanovna N., Codename J

Ivanovna dancing Hexenzirkel Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse on YouTube

While Ivanovna passed away before the game’s events, there’s very little known about the witch. At one point, she left the Hexenzirkel in order to get married. She eventually came back after taking her sick husband’s life, and now her successor Scarlett carries her legacy.

Nicole, Codename N

The Hexenzirkel in Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse on YouTube

There isn’t much known about Nicole, and she’s really only been mentioned in passing. However, Alice basically confirms that she spoke to the Traveler and Paimon as she explained that Nicole guides people toward the truth of Teyvat.

That’s everything we know about Hexenzirkel, Genshin Impact’s witch coven. There are plenty of leaks and theories floating around the internet, but they’re not always known for being reliable. What are you looking forward to learning about the witch coven in future updates? Let us know below!

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