What Are Echo Shards in Minecraft & Where To Find Them

A guide that explains what Echo Shards are, where to find them, and how to use them in Minecarft.

Minecraft has been keeping players exploring the blocky world for over a decade, which isn’t surprising when you consider that the developers frequently update the game with new content. For example, Update 1.19 introduced brand new biomes such as the Mangrove, along with new mobs like frogs and Wardens. You also might come across Echo Shards, but what are Echo Shards in Minecraft and how do you use them?

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Where To Find Echo Shards in Minecraft

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Echo Shards are a dark teal-colored crafting material, which cannot be made using a crafting table. If you’re hoping to get your hands on Echo Shards, you’ll have to find them in the open world of Minecraft.

The only place you’ll find Echo Shards is within the deep dark cave biomes, among the ruins of ancient cities, which were among the list of new content added in Update 1.19. Dig down to the ancient cities and venture inside for chests; the chests have a one-in-third chance of containing Echo Shards.

How To Use Echo Shards in Minecraft

As mentioned before, Echo Shards are a crafting material and cannot be made with a crafting table. Once you’ve managed to gather a few, you can use them to craft a Recovery Compass.

Why bother crafting a Recovery Compass? Well, it’s incredibly useful for pointing you in the direction of your last death, so long as you’re still in the same dimension.

  1. Make a Crafting Table and craft a Compass.

    Any four wooden planks will do; they do not have to match. A Compass requires four Iron Ingots and a single Redstone Dust.

  2. Locate an ancient city and gather 8 Echo Shards.

  3. Place a single Echo Shard in every slot, with the Compass in the middle.

That’s all there is to what Echo Shards are in Minecraft and how to use them. As of right now, they’re only useful for crafting a Recovery Compass. For more guides on Minecraft, you should definitely brush up on how to make Lead, another useful item every player should gather.

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