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Unicorn Overlord Tier List (May 2024)

Who are the best units to bring to battle? Let's find out!

There is a lot to discover while playing Unicorn Overlord, and we are definitely not kidding since the game features sixty different classes that we can choose for our army. So who makes the cut and has a safe and stable place with us, and who should, instead, go home and think over their life choices? That’s what we’re discovering in our Unicorn Overlord tier list. Keep reading to find out how these classes stack up against each other.

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All Unicorn Overlord Classes Tier List

RankingClass Name
SLord/High Lord, Great Knight / Knight, Cleric/Bishop, Hoplite/Legionnaire, Elven Fencer, Paladin, Priestess/High Priestess, Crusader/Valkyria, Dreadnought
AThief/Rogue, Elven Archer, Snow Ranger, Druid, Shieldshooter, Wyvern Knight/Wyvern Master, Dark Marquess, Housecarl/Viking, Sniper, Werelion, Radiant Knight/Sainted Knight, Dark Knight/Doom Knight, Gryphon Knight/Gryphon Master
BSellsword/Landsknecht, Swordfighter/Swordmaster, Gladiator/Berserker, Warrior/Breaker, Wizard, Werewolf, Werefox, Wereowl / Werebear, Sorceress / Warlock, Elven Sibyl, Elven Augur
CFighter/Vanguard, Prince, Soldier/Sergeant, Feathersword / Featherbow, Feathershield / Featherstaff

S-Tier Classes

In every battle, of course, what you want to do is come in strong and get hits right off the beat. The Lord/High Lord, along with the Great Knight, bring some good bonuses and are the perfect units to combat the enemy’s infantry.

The Knight is also able to have multi-hitting attacks, such as column attacks, so perfect to have them on the field when you’re facing a big army. The Legionnaire is a great starting unit, with pretty good defense, and can tank some good attacks early on. As the game progresses you will probably find fewer uses for them, with the Paladin and the Dreadnought also being similar cases. The Valkryia, or Crusader, is a solid choice to get them right at the front of your army, as they can tank attacks and deal significant damage.

If anyone is hurt in your army and, well, chances are they are, the Cleric/Bishop is the best unit out of them all to be there for your healing support. The Priestess is also an okay substitute, should you want a unit that also can deal attacks every now and then. The Elven Fencer is able to deal significant melee damage, along with some magical bonuses which will definitely come in handy if you are facing enemies weak to magic.

Wyver Knight fighting a Knight riding a horse with their lance.
Image Source: Atlus

A-Tier Classes

The Thief/Rogue is really strong thanks to their dodge ability, they can attract the enemy fires while keeping the others relatively safe. The Viking is also able to deal significant damage to groups of enemies, with the Swordfighter being better at catching those fast foes who have high agility or dodge abilities. The Sniper is an overall okay archer-like warrior, but one that definitely pales in comparison to others such as the Elven Ranger and Snow Archer, which are great against flying enemies and also bring some debuffs. The Dark Marquess is able to weaken the enemy significantly, along with dealing multi-hits, plus healing abilities.

The Druid is a great option, as they can automatically strengthen a team with their guard-blocking abilities, along with lowering the enemy’s initiative to grant a bit of respite. Shieldshooters are a pretty good option as they bring some great defense, blocking 75% of hits, along with some pretty useful healing and protection abilities.

Werelion, as with other were-creatures, might make the difference between winning and losing a battle, but they are very dependent on chance. The Wyvern Master is able to drop the enemy’s initiative, which is pretty great, along with dealing solid damage. The knights bring some interesting bonuses and might be a good choice if you are looking to have someone take the damage for your wizard and sorceress.

B-Tier Classes

In B-tier you might be able to find some pretty good support units. Of course, we can’t have a whole army of S and A units. For example, Landsknecht deals very significant damage, but then again they can turn around and become useless once their attacks are blocked or debuffed.

Swordmasters are all about their crit rates, but that’s all they are bringing to a fight. They can be useful in certain situations, but overall they are pretty limited. Gladiators/Berserkers will need a lot of PP to perform actions, but at least pack some pretty decent defense. Warriors/Breakers can do really well against enemy armor, but against other foes their capabilities make it hard to land the killing blow.

As for the Wizard, Sorceress, and Warlock, we can put them all in one bracket. While they do bring some healthy magical attacks, along with improving the team, they will often bite the big one. If you’re thinking of bringing them with you, remember that they need protection. Bring someone with blocking and healing abilities as well. The werewolf and the other were-creatures do bring some interesting abilities, but their strength only really shines at night, so they can feel pretty limiting, even though in the right situation they can be a game changer.

Virginia saying hello to Alain while standing on a bridge to a castle
Image Source: Atlus

C-Tier Classes

Finally, these classes are not bad per se, but they have some strong limitations.

The Fighter/Vanguard might be relatively useless at the start of the game, but if you keep on using them and slowly leveling them up, you will discover that they can become a good addition to your army, being good tanks that deal heavy damage.

The Prince shares some of the problems of being quite weak and needing protection as well. While the Soldier/Sergeant’s piercing attacks can hit entire columns, they are not able to withstand sustained attacks. The Feather-creatures are quite annoying to fight, but they bring abilities that other units share as well, so they don’t seem to have any significant advantages over other fighters.

That’s all we have for you in our Unicorn Overlord tier list. For other tier lists just like this one, do check out Wuthering Waves tier list and Ather Gazer tier list.

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