Should You Side With Sovereign Glut or Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? Answered
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Should You Side with Sovereign Glut or Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? Answered

Which one is right?

After arriving in the Myconid Colony in Baldur’s Gate 3, Sovereign Glut will approach you and ask you to slay Sovereign Spaw. The Myconid leader is angry that Sovereign Spaw did not help his colony and wishes to build a new one after killing the other king. If you need help picking a side between Sovereign Spaw and Glut, we can explain the consequences of each decision in this guide.

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Should You Side With Sovereign Glut in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Sovereign Glut in BG3.
Image Credit: Larian Studios via Twinfinite

If you agree to Sovereign Glut’s request, you must kill Sovereign Spaw, who resides at the top of the Myconid Colony. The NPCs in the area will remain neutral until you attack Sovereign Spaw. If you speak with the Myconid king after accepting Sovereign Glut’s plea, you will only get the option to announce your hostility.

If you choose to side with Sovereign Glut, I recommend focusing on defeating Sovereign Spaw since the battle will end once the boss is killed. Afterward, Sovereign Glut will reward you with a pair of gloves named Winter’s Clutches, which deals cold damage.

Should You Side With Sovereign Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3

Sovereign Spaw in BG3.
Image Credit: Larian Studios via Twinfinite

If you side with Sovereign Spaw, Sovereign Glut will instantly become hostile, and you’ll be dragged into a battle. After you defeat the Myconid king, you can loot its body to obtain these items:

  • Bonecap
  • Hastening Spores
  • Lump of Myconid Flesh
  • Nightlight Frond
  • Poison Spores
  • Rogue’s Morsel
  • Scroll of Blur
  • Scroll of Hold Person

Personally, I opted to side with Sovereign Spaw since I like playing as the good guy, and I don’t enjoy killing someone kind to me. However, if you really want the Winter’s Clutches, you can help Sovereign Spaw avenge its colony.

Before leaving Twinfinite, please consider checking out other Baldur’s Gate 3 articles on the website. While you’re still in the Underdark, I recommend visiting the Sussur Tree west of the Myconic Colony and grabbing the Sussur Tree Bark. You will need this special material to complete the Finish the Masterwork Weapon and craft the Sussur weapon.

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