should you go to niflheim or alfheim in god of war ragnarok
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Should You Go to Niflheim Before Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok? Explained

Here's what you should know before making your decision in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok has Kratos and Atreus visiting the Nine Realms, exploring every nook and cranny for collectibles, armor, and enemies to fight. In addition to following the main quest, there are also side quests or “Favours.” You’ll have the opportunity, on several occasions, to continue on or see if others need help, such as choosing to go to Niflheim or Alfheim. If you were wondering if you should go to Niflheim before Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok, here’s what you need to know.

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Should You Visit Niflheim Before Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok?

Simply put: yes, you should definitely visit Niflheim before going to Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok. By venturing into Niflheim, you don’t lose anything important, so it’s a good place to visit just for seeing new parts of the Nine Realms and dialogue between the characters in God of War Ragnarok.

More importantly, this section of Niflheim houses a practice arena much in the same vein as the trials Muspelheim had in the previous game. Upon accepting the trials, enemies will spawn ad infinitum, though loot and experience has been disabled; however, you can still progress through challenges associated with weapons and skills.

Other than story and practice, the most important reason for visiting Niflheim first is to see the giant tree that houses ravens Odin used for spying. They’re free from Odin’s grasp now, thanks to Kratos and Atreus, and will offer rewards based on the number of ravens you destroy. These rewards are placed in chests at the base of the tree, of which there are several.

Now you understand why visiting Niflheim before Alfheim in God of War Ragnarok is preferable. For more guides and questions, find out here if God of War Ragnarok is enhanced on the PS4 Pro or maybe you’re thirsty for more lore, in which case learning how old Kratos is might be of use to you.

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