Roblox: How to Get the Pirate Hat in Wacky Wizards

wacky wizards pirate hat

Even though Wacky Wizards isn’t the most popular game on Roblox, it still has a huge following of devoted fans. And if you’re really into the potion-concocting experience, you’re likely obsessively collecting all the ingredients to help you brew all the weird and wonderful potions that the game has to offer. Here’s how to get the Pirate Hat in Wacky Wizards.

How to Get the Pirate Hat in Wacky Wizards

  1. Get the shovel from the shipwreck.

    First things first, head over to the water, dive in, and swim down to discover a sunken pirate ship with the sign: ‘X Marks the spot near Oz’s House.’ Grab the shovel laying next to the sign, and head on over to Oz’s house.wacky wizards pirate hat

  2. Dig up the X behind Oz’s house.

    Behind Oz’s house is an X. Walk over to the spot and dig up a sign, saying: ‘Arrrr Matey! Check behind the Goblin’s Tents!!’ Obviously, it’s time to head on towards the Goblin’s Tents.wacky wizards pirate hat

  3. Dig up the X behind the Goblin’s Tents.

    Behind the Goblin’s Tents, you’ll find another X. Dig here and another signpost will pop out of the ground, saying: ‘Ahoy, check by the lake.’wacky wizards pirate hat

  4. Dig up the X next to the lake.

    When you arrive at the lake, behind it you’ll find another X. Dig here and you’ll get another signpost, saying: ‘Yarrrr! next to the pyramid.’wacky wizards pirate hat

  5. Dig up the X next to the pyramid.

    Once you arrive at the pyramid, find the X spot on the right-hand side, and dig here, too. Yes, you guessed it, another signpost will pop up. This time it will say: ‘The treasure be buried near something prickly and green!’wacky wizards pirate hat

  6. Dig up the X next to the cactus in the pyramid area.

    As you leave the pyramid area, you’ll notice a cactus with an X right next to it. Dig here and Davy Jones’s locker will appear. Open the locker and — voila! — the Pirate Hat is yours!wacky wizards pirate hat

What Does the Pirate Hat do?

If you put the Pirate Hat ingredient into your cauldron, it will spawn a Davy Jones Potion, which turns you into a spooky version of the infamous pirate, Davy Jones. Pretty creepy, huh?

And that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Pirate Hat ingredient in Wacky Wizards. If you’re wondering how to get the walking canefrog, or alien parasite, we’ve got guides covering those, too. And for more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite with your next Google search.

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