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How to Make Plasteel in Palworld

Learn everything about Plasteel and how to craft it!

One of many materials that arrived with the Sakurajima DLC in Palworld is Plasteel. This is the material for any player looking to reach the new endgame content and face the new dangers on Sakurajima Island. So, let’s go over how to make Plasteel in Palworld and how it’s used. 

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What Is Plasteel

Plasteel is a new material introduced in the latest Palworld update, unlocking a whole new tier of equipment to craft. With Plasteel, you can craft some of the strongest weapons and armour in the game, and become ridiculously powerful. It’s also a key ingredient in crafting the most powerful Sphere in the game yet, so you’re going to want to get your hands on Plasteel as soon as possible. 

How to Unlock & Get Plasteel

Getting Plasteel isn’t as simple as picking up a rock. First, you have to level up your character to level 50. Once you hit Level 50, head to the Technology menu. Here you can unlock the research for Plasteel for four Technology points. 

Palworld unlocking Plasteel from tech tree at level 51
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The Electric Furnace will transform raw materials into Plasteel. You can research and unlock the blueprint for this furnace in the Technology menu at level 44. Gather the required resources (50 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards, 20 Polymer, and 20 Carbon Fiber). Not all Pals are created equal when it comes to Plasteel production. Fire-type Pals with a high Kindling level will work the furnace at maximum efficiency. Check your Paldeck to identify your most flame-wielding friend, then toss them at the Electric Furnace. 

Palworld Electric Furnace for plasteel production
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Now that you have your Plasteel production facility up and running, you’ll need a supply of materials to feed the furnace. Here’s what goes into crafting a single unit of Plasteel:

Palworld plasteel crafting material requirements
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  • 5 Crude Oil:

You can get this from Supply Drops or by setting up a Crude Oil Extractor in your base. 

  • 5 Paldium Fragments:

You should have a large supply of Paldium Fragments at this point.

  • 10 Ore:

Ore is an important resource, but the quantity required for Plasteel makes it an important material to harvest. Set up an Ore Site in your base to ensure a constant flow. 

Plasteel’s a key ingredient in crafting the Ultimate Sphere. This sphere has a very high capture rate and can capture the strongest Pals, making them a part of your labour cam-… err team. The introduction of this material changes the entire game.

Items That Use Plasteel

While crafting the armor and the Ultimate Sphere are the main goals, Plasteel opens doors to high-tech weaponry and protective gear.

These include:

  • Laser Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Gatling Gun
  • Guided Missile Launcher

Also, note that most of these items and the Ultimate Sphere require you to reach Level 51 and above.

This is it for this guide! We hope it helped. Do check out more articles on Palworld, Palworld Sakurajima Update Release Time Countdown, and Palworld Pal Arena Update Revealed For Summer 2024.

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