how to farm legendary items in outriders

Outriders: How To Farm Epic and Legendary Items

Make your farming more effective.
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Outriders is the latest project from People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix. Offering a mix of RPG and third-person shooter action, there is a growing community that is enjoying themselves with the game. If you happen to be one of them, and need some help figuring out the best to make yourself even more powerful, here’s how to farm Epic and Legendary items in Outriders.

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World Tiers Affect Legendary Drop Rates

Before trying to farm anything in Outriders, it is important that you figure out the World Tier bonuses. Starting from World Tier 04, players can gain bonuses to the Legendary drop rate modifier. Make sure you try to play on the highest World Tier as much as possible to maximize your chances of a good drop during farming:

  • World Tier 04: +130%
  • World Tier 05: +215%
  • World Tier 06: +285%
  • World Tier 07: +300%
  • World Tier 08: +315%
  • World Tier 09: +330%
  • World Tier 10: +345%
  • World Tier 11: +360%
  • World Tier 12: +375%
  • World Tier 13: +390%
  • World Tier 14: +405%
  • World Tier 15: +425%

How to Farm Epic and Legendary Items in Outriders

The First City

There are a few key areas in which you should begin planning your farming activities. One of best spots early in the game happens to be the First City. More specifically, the Perforo mobs that are there for the taking.

Alongside earning additional World Tier experience that will reward you with potential Epic items, there are three chests to try your luck at.

Turn to the right and look in the corner when you first spawn for the first chest. The second chest is located after the group of Perforo mobs, look inside the fenced area.

Lastly, after eliminating the Alpha Perforo and any remaining enemies, head on to the now-collapsed section to get your third chests. You can then do it all over again by returning to the lobby and restarting the story point.

Nature’s Call – How to Farm Epic & Legendary Items in Outriders

The Nature’s Call sidequest offers another great opportunity to farm items in Outriders. You will need to have reached the Deadrock Pass zone. After opening the doorway to the Forestry Track area, interact with the radio in the camp.

Head on the rescue, and kill the Perforo mobs surrounding the lumberjack. Activate the generator, and get ready for a fight against more mobs and four Alpha Perforos. With luck on your side, you will get some decent loot drops.

To do it all over again, you can interact with the radio once more.

The Warlord at The Dunes

Once you have made some progress in the campaign, you will come up against the Warlord found in The Dunes. Tweak your World Tier to the highest level, and arm yourself sufficiently.

As an elite/captain-type enemy, the Warlord will drop items that are Rares, Epics, and if you are lucky, Legendaries. Once you have dispatched the Warlord, pick up your rewards, and let yourself die to the mobs. Respawn, do it over and over again, and profit.

Boss Runs – How to Farm Epic & Legendary Items in Outriders

Bosses are also a great way to get yourself some sweet loot, but not all are feasible. In this case, we are looking at the Molten Acari and the Chrysaloid.

The former can be found on the Eagle Peaks, and can drop valuable Titanium as well. The latter is lurking around the Forest Enclave, and drops guaranteed Epics even at lower World Tiers. Get your gear sorted out, learn the patterns, and you will be showered with loot as you repeat the cycle.

That’s everything you need to know on how to farm Epic and Legendary items in Outriders. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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