Outriders Crafting Guide: Level Up, Rarity, Attributes, Mods, Weapon Variants & More

outriders crafting guide

Crafting in Outriders can be intimidating. There are a lot of options that you can pick from when you first unlock the feature early on in the story and gain access to Zahedi at your camp. All of them, though, allow you to tweak and improve your gear to your liking. In this Outriders crafting guide, we’ll go over everything that’s going on over at Zahedi’s table and explain your crafting and modding options.

Outriders Crafting Guide – Everything Explained

Improve Rarity

Improving the rarity of an item increases the rarity of an item up a tier until your reach the second-highest possible tier, Epic. In addition to increasing the rarity, the bonus attribute values of the piece of equipment you raise will also receive a non-fixed (random) bump.

When you increase rarity up past Rare, you will increase the number of mod slots available to you and you’ll be able to add one to your equipment upon completing the upgrade. You’ll be able to pick from up to three different random mods to be added to the gun, so there is a bit of luck involved here.

In Outriders, depending on whether you’re upgrading a gun or armor when crafting, you’ll need Iron or Leather respectively.

Raise Attributes

In addition to increasing the rarity, you can also just upgrade your equipment (without changing the rarity) by simply just raising its attributes. You can use anomaly shards to raise the bonus attributes of any piece of equipment. The bonus attribute for the non-mod stat is randomized with each drop, such as Skills Life Leech, which is displayed underneath the photo of the item when examining a piece of equipment.

Each attribute in Outriders has six upgrade stages available which will cost an increasing amount of anomaly shards when crafting.

Mod Gear

Mod Gear allows you to add and swap in mods by using Iron and Leather. You’ll be able to pick from any current mods that you have unlocked. If your weapon has an open mod slot, you can simply slot whatever mod you want into that empty slot. If it doesn’t have an open slot, you’ll need to replace one of the ones that you have.

You can get more mods by dismantling weapons with mods that you do not need in order to add them to your bank of mods.

Modding your gear will also cost either Iron or Leather.

Swap Variant

Swap Variant is an interesting crafting option in Outriders which allows you to actually swap to a different type of archetype within the same weapon type that you have encountered before. So in other words, if you like something about your gun, but wish it fired or behaved differently than it currently does, you can try this crafting option to switch things up.

For example, you can take a standard automatic firing sniper rifle and turn it fully automatic. Or take a standard LMG, and turn it into a more stabilized version of it.

These variants come with various trade-offs when it comes to stats along with their general feel, so be sure to carefully check what you’re switching to.

This crafting option will cost Iron as it’s dealing exclusively with weapons.

Level Up

This one is simple enough. If you choose to Level Up your equipment, you’ll be spending either Iron or Leather, and you’ll increase the firepower/armor of the equipment you are choosing to level up while re-rolling its attribute values.

As equipment reaches higher levels, they will receive more bonus attributes so it is possible to gain a new bonus attribute by leveling up your gear.

That’s all you need to know for crafting in Outriders. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered, be sure to check out our Outriders wiki guide or some of our other guides below.

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