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Outriders Skill & Weapon Leech: What It Is & How to Increase Leech Stats

outriders skill leech

Outriders Skill & Weapon Leech: What It Is & How to Increase Leech Stats

Outriders Skill Leech and Outriders Weapons Leech are an important stat that’s quite easy to overlook as you progress through the game. In this guide, we’ll be explaining exactly what Skill Leech is, how it works, and how you can make it even more powerful for your Outriders character build.

What Is Outriders Skill Leech & Weapon Leech?

Skill Leech essentially determines how much health you’ll recover when you deal Anomaly or Status damage (Burn, Bleed, Toxic) to an enemy.

For example, say your Skill Leech is 25% and you deal 100 damage to an enemy with one of your skills — you’ll heal 25 points of health for dealing the damage.

It’s the same principle for Weapon Leech, but this applies specifically to any weapons you use. If you deal 150 damage and your Weapon Leach is at 30%, you’ll gain 45 health.

How to Increase Skill Leech & Weapon Leech Stats

There are two ways you can increase your Outriders Skill Leech and Outriders Weapon Leech stats.

The first way is to make sure you’re equipping weapons and armor that bolster your Skill and Weapon Leech stats. This is clearly labeled in the stats window which appears when you highlight a piece of gear in your inventory.

outriders weapon leech

The second way is to purchase Class Tree Nodes which increase your Skill Leech or Weapon Leech stats. For the Trickster class, we found a number of ‘Life Transfer’ nodes in the Reaver tree, the bottom of the three. Each of these increases Skill Leach by 6%.

outriders skill leech

You’ll also naturally increase your Skill Leech and Weapon Leech stats as you progress through the game and level up, so don’t worry about it too much.

That’s everything you need to know about Outriders Skill Leech. For more tips, tricks and guides, head on over to our wiki, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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