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Outriders: Big Iron Quest Guide

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Throughout Outriders, you’ll come upon a bunch of quests outside of the main storyline that are worth completing in order to net some solid rewards. Big Iron is one such side mission you’ll want to go out of your way to do, as it doesn’t take too long and lets you choose between three guns as a prize. Here is everything you need to know about how to finish the Big Iron quest in Outriders.

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Big Iron Quest Guide in Outriders

To start the Big Iron quest, you’ll need to head over to the Desolate Fort. Once you arrive in this area, talk to Channa and select the “something on your mind?” dialogue option.

She’ll tell you that she needs help salvaging some parts in the area to put something together for you. This starts the questline.

Follow the waypoint and you’ll run into a group of enemies that you can either fight or run past. Regardless of your choice, you’ll eventually com upon monsters you need to fight in order to progress.

Once you’ve defeated the monsters, interact with the tank located nearby so you can blow open the Outpost door. When you get inside, you’ll need to kill some more enemies and then blow up some debris.

Eventually, you’ll come upon a ramp that leads up to a platform. Grab the journal from the body with the blue marker and then follow the waypoint that leads you through a facility door.

Fight off the enemies that appear and then turn on the generator. After you defend this spot for a bit, head down the rope to the left to trigger the second part of the mission.

Weapon Parts

The next section of Outriders’ Big Iron quest takes you out to the Dwindling Oasis, and tasks you with finding weapon parts that are scattered throughout the area. Follow the waypoint and you’ll find the first one located near the small lake that is surrounded by pink trees.

When you arrive here, go to the left and enter the left-most cave entrance. The first set of weapon parts can be found inside, right in front of the blue wall.

Big Iron Quest, Outriders
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Head left out of the cave and follow the wall. This will take you to an open area that has a blue rock in its center.

Go to the right and head toward the blue cave. Defeat the enemies that come out of the cave, and then head inside to get your second set of Weapon Parts.

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To get the final set of Weapon Parts for the Big Iron quest, exit the cave and go right. This’ll take you through a set of open gates where you’ll immediately be ambushed by enemies inside the village.

Clear the enemies out, head through the second gate on the far side of the village, and then defeat the final wave of enemies. Once you do, climb up the stairs and you’ll find the Weapon Parts amongst the crates.

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Head back to Channa and interact with her to get your reward. She will give you three options to choose from, which include a light machinegun, a bolt action rifle, or a pump-action shotgun.

That is everything you need to know about how to finish the Big Iron quest in Outriders. If you’re still on the hunt for more info on the game, check out our Outriders guide wiki for more tips and tricks.

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