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Just Starting Out in Outriders? Here Are 5 Tips & Tricks For Beginners


Just Starting Out in Outriders? Here Are 5 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

World Tier Makes a Big Difference

Outriders Tips & Tricks

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One of the most important Outriders tip or trick we can give you is that you need to be aware of World Tier.

World Tier is essentially a dynamic difficulty setting that will dramatically alter your gameplay. You might not even notice this when Outriders starts off at World Tier 1, and you may think you’re an Outriders natural since it’s so easy.

However, as you blast through the game, you’ll find that your World Tier level will increase and rank up to new heights.

By the time you start hitting World Tier 5 & 6, the enemies are going to be consistently higher level than you and the pressure will be increased. You may struggle and feel like you’re hitting some kind of difficulty spike.

While that’s true, it’s a difficulty spike you can manage if you want. By hitting your Menu/Options button, you can access the World Tier menu and make changes. If the game is too difficult, crank the World Tier down a notch. On the flip side, if it’s too easy still, you can keep it at the highest rank possible.

A big reason reason for keeping the World Tier high is that you’ll get rarer and stronger loot. Higher world tiers feature enemies that will be a higher level than you. When defeated, these enemies will drop gear at their higher level instead of yours.

Playing on higher World Tier difficulties also allows you to wear gear higher than your current level. This allows you to survive on higher difficulties, and can give you a huge advantage if you drop down a tier later on.

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