Outer Worlds Reputation Explained: How to Increase, What It Does

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The Outer Worlds is a brand new story and character-driven RPG from Obsidian and Private Division, and it comes with a whole bunch of different systems and mechanics you’ll need to familiarize yourself with, including reputation. Here’s how the reputation system work in The Outer Worlds, and how you can increase it.

The Outer Worlds Reputation System Explained

As you visit various different towns and settlements in The Outer Worlds, you’ll inevitably run into different groups and factions of people. It’s possible to gain the trust of these factions and effectively raise your reputation with them.

How to Increase Reputation

By far the easiest way to raise your reputation in The Outer Worlds is to complete quests for the relevant group of faction. Whenever you visit a new town, it’s good to make it a point to talk to all the NPCs there and see if you can pick up any new quests from them.

Most of these are fetch quests that will require you to pick things up from different locations and bring them back to the NPC, but they’re a good source of experience points anyway, and will give you a slight reputation boost.

In addition to that, some of the main story quests will also involve different factions, and they can have different outcomes that will force you to favor one faction over another.

The first prominent example of this is in Edgewater, where you can choose to reroute the power to Edgewater or the Botanical Labs. Choosing Edgewater will cause your reputation with Spacer’s Choice to go up, while the Deserters will think less of you.

What It Does

From what we’ve played so far, your reputation with the different factions in Outer Worlds can go from Neutral to Friendly and Revering, and we haven’t been able to check out too much of the negative statuses yet.

As your reputation level increases with a faction, vendor prices within that faction will be better. The highest positive level we’ve reached so far is Revering, which gives you a 33% price reduction with vendors.

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In addition to that, NPCs in that faction are also generally friendlier towards you, and are more welcoming.

As we play through the game and explore more of the reputation tiers, we’ll update this article with more relevant info.

That’s all you need to know about how the reputation system works in The Outer Worlds, and how you can increase it. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, or check our Outer Worlds guide wiki.

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