MW3 and Warzone Season 1 Start Time Countdown

Warzone Season 1 countdown has begun!
A group of soldiers in Warzone.
Image Source: Activision via Call of Duty Blog

Warzone is set to have its first Season in the Modern Warfare 3 cycle, and we could not be more excited about it. For that reason, we compiled a list of changes and added a nice MW3 and Warzone Season 1 start time countdown for your viewing pleasure.

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MW3 and Warzone Season 1 Start Time Countdown

MW3 and Warzone Season 1 arrive on December 6, 2023 at 5 PM EST. Check out the countdown below to see exactly when they’ll arrive:

Warzone Season 1 has already begun!

As soon as the countdown hits zero, the update will be live and you can jump into a Warzone match.

Warzone Season 1 Release Date

The Warzone Season 1 release date is December 6 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT. There has been no word on a pre-load, but due to past precedent, we expect a pre-load to be available sometime before the release.

There’s still no news on any pre-load, however, meaning it may not be possible. Instead, you might have to just install it as soon as the timer hits zero.

Modern Warfare 3 Systems in Warzone Explained

A soldier hidden behind cardboard boxes in Warzone.
Image Source: Activision

Due to Warzone using the same core systems as Modern Warfare 3, there are plenty of new and interesting additions to the battle royale. The changes made to Warzone moving from MW2 to MW3 are massive, and will likely change the way players approach gunfights, traverse the map, build their loadouts, and much more.

Below we have detailed the main differences as we leave MW2 behind and enter Warzone Season 1.

New Movement Mechanics

All existing movement mechanics will make the jump over to Warzone as soon as Season 1 launches. Slide-canceling, reload-canceling, the Tac-Stance, and speedier mantling will all feature in Warzone.

These drastic changes from the MW2 formula will cause a massive shift in the META and how players approach the map and gunfights. Features like side-canceling will change the META, while others like the Tac-Stance may be relevant or be forgotten entirely.

New Perk Additions

MW3 Quick Grip Gloves
Image Credit: Activision

While the Perks system in Modern Warfare 3 takes the form of body armor and gear, Warzone will be sticking with its traditional system with a few new additions.

Firstly every operator will receive these Perks as a baseline:

  • Commando Gloves: Reload while sprinting
  • Quick Grip Gloves: Swap weapons faster
  • Tac Pads: Improves sliding distance and allows ADS while sliding
  • Climbing Boots: Increasing climbing and mantling speeds
  • Overkill: Allows carrying of two primary weapons

These perks are available for everyone as a base to improve general playability. But these aren’t the only changes to the perk system. There are a few brand-new additions to spice up the gameplay further:

  • Irradiated: Move faster while in and take reduced damage from the gas
  • Tempered: Fully re-plate with two armor plates, rather than three
  • Combat Scout: Hitting an enemy will mark them for your squad, the further your distance from the target the longer they stay marked
  • Resolute: Increases movement speed when taking damage from gunfire
  • Shrouded: Drop a smoke grenade when downed
  • Mountaineer: Reduces fall damage
  • Stalker: Increases strafe and ADS movement speed
  • Escapist: Increases downed, prone, and crouched movement speed
  • Primed: Accuracy and ADS time is improved while jumping
  • Faculty: Delay-triggered explosives (mines and claymores etc) while sprinting. Detect enemy equipment, and reduce combat noise

Warzone Season 1 Quality of Life Improvements

Two soldiers aiming assault rifles in Warzone.
Image Credit: Activision

Warzone has always had a rocky relationship with QoL improvements. In Warzone Season 1, however, Activision has doubled down on improving problematic interactions that have troubled the community for years.

  • Backup Pistol: While underwater, you’ll be able to draw a dedicated pistol sidearm, regardless of your weaponry
  • Improved Water Combat: Finally, we can reliably find targets in or out of water, accumulating in better water combat
  • Manual Gas Mask: A few changes come with the manual gas mask. The first is that we players now get to decide when and where we put on our mask. It will no longer interrupt gameplay as we dance around the gas. Players now only hear the coughing of other players when they do NOT have their gas mask equipped
  • Experimental Gas Grenade: Equip a tear gas tactical equipment, which you can counter by wearing your gas mask
  • Dedicated Ammo Slots: Backpacks now have dedicated ammo slots that do not take up unnecessary room, however, players can still overfill their storage with ammo if they so choose
  • Loot Rarity: Weapons and items are now color-coded to indicate their rarity and will be given extra attachments and customization depending on the rarity
  • Contract Activation Laptop: Initiating contracts have been moved to large laptops found throughout the map
  • Updated Tac Map Icons: Icons on the Tac Map have been revamped to better suit visibility for players
  • Classic Red Dots: In Warzone, players with an unsuppressed weapon will momentarily appear on the minimap. Players can counter this by equipping a weapon with a silencer
  • Improved Loot Spreading: Loot will no longer overlap once a player opens a supply crate or kills an enemy
  • Quality of Life Carry Forward: Previous Quality of Life improvements will carry forward into Season 1

With such a giant list of QoL features that promise to return some much-needed fun to the Warzone formula, our excitement for its launch has only grown greater.

That is our MW3 and Warzone Season 1 start time countdown. Be sure to check out our related Call of Duty guides, news, and updates to keep yourself in the loop.

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