Moonglow Bay: Where to Catch Mahi Mahi

Moonglow Bay has over 100 fish for players to find and catch on their quest to save the seaside town from economic ruin. While some of these are simply required for recipes that you can sell for a bit of extra cash, sometimes you’ll be tasked with catching a specific fish for a quest. One such fish is the Mahi Mahi in Moonglow Bay, which, if you don’t know where to catch it, can end up being a real timesink. Here’s how to catch the Mahi Mahi.

Catching the Mahi Mahi in Moonglow Bay

To catch the Mahi Mahi you need to go to the Thermal Geysers found in the far east of the map and fish here during the day. To reach here, you’ll need to have opened the Ocean Door, or at least got the smaller Trawler boat and navigated your way through the strong currents.

how to catch mahi mahi in moonglow bay

Specifically, you’ll want to use the following loadout of rod, bait and lure:

  • Poise Rod
  • Spinner Lure
  • High-Grade Bait

As long as you’re using at least the Spinner Lure and the High-Grade Bait, you shouldn’t have any issues eventually catching the Mahi Mahi in the daytime. We suggest using the Poise Rod as this is what we caught it with, but rods shouldn’t have an impact on the fish you can catch in Moonglow Bay, according to the in-game help section.

Of course, it’s worth noting that there’s always an element of RNG at play when fishing in Moonglow Bay. Sometimes you’ll catch the fish you need immediately, other times you’ll catch anything but for a good few tries. Just stock up on High-Grade Bait and head to the Thermal Geysers and it’ll be yours eventually.

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