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Moonglow Bay: How to Get Bait

how to get bait

Moonglow Bay: How to Get Bait

While it’s possible to score a catch with nothing more than a rod and lure, you won’t haul in the best fish without something tasty on your hook. Here’s how to get bait in Moonglow Bay.

How to Get Bait in Moonglow Bay

There are several different ways to acquire bait in Moonglow Bay, but it’s first worth noting that bait comes in two different tiers: low, and high-grade. Low-grade bait attracts small and medium-sized fish, while the higher-grade stuff is used to catch larger and more exotic varieties.

Unsurprisingly, low-grade bait is the easiest and most readily available in the game. Preparing it is as simple as chopping up ingredients in the kitchen as you would any other meal. Of course, you’ll need the ingredients first, and for this, you can use one of two different critters: sand-fleas that have either been caught in a lobster crate or captured with a net on the local beach, or smaller common fish varieties you’ve hooked on your line.

You’re actually introduced to sand-flea catching on the beach fairly early on in the game. All you need to do is head over to a small stretch of beach nearby your home and then use the net to reel in the sand fleas you can see crawling along the beach. To use your net, press A, then press A again to cast it using the gauge meter to determine how far you want to throw the net. Simply reel it back in using R2/RT to catch the fleas.

Once you have your bait, you then need to take it back to the kitchen to prepare it. All this requires is a quick chop with a knife, and you can prepare it in batches so the task is less tedious.

The same method of preparing low-grade bait in the kitchen can also be done using smaller fish varieties you have caught on your line. For example,

How to Get High-Grade Bait

Later in Moonglow Bay, once you have unlocked the fish market, you will be introduced to high-grade bait, which, as mentioned before, is necessary for catching larger species of fish. You aren’t able to prepare this bait yourself. Instead, you need to exchange the low-grade bait you have prepared for it from Grace Clout at the fish market.

how to get bait

As you can see above, X5 low-grade bait can be exchanged for a single piece of high-grade. You can also exchange sand-fleas for low-grade bait with X rather than having to manually prepare it in the kitchen.

It’s worth noting that you can also sell any fish you have caught to Grace as well, just in case you’re in need of a quick buck. Of course, using fish to prepare and then sell meals is far more lucrative.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to catch bait in Moonglow Bay. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite.

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