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Meta Lock is the latest Roblox game to take its inspiration from the world of anime. This time it’s hit soccer series Blue Lock getting the Roblox treatment. Are you looking for everything you need to get started in your quest for sports supremacy? Here’s the Meta Lock Trello Link to get you started.

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You can reach the Meta Lock Trello here.

Despite the information available, there’s a noticeable catch with the Meta Lock Trello. Namely, the game has been reworked, and as such some of the information is outdated. If you find that some of the information is out of date, you may need to wait until it’s updated or look elsewhere. One place you might want to make your first priority might be the game’s official Discord server. Here, you’ll find plenty of other fans who may be able to help clear up any confusion.

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What Is On Meta Lock Trello?

Meta Lock’s Trello page is filled with a variety of information about the game.

Alongside general information, which includes details on statistics, controls, and codes for the game, you’ll find a variety of other categories. Weapons is filled with more detail on the variety of weapons you have access to, some of which are named after soccer maneuvers. Elsewhere you’ll find information on topics such as talents and Flow. Flow, in the context of Blue Lock, is a super mode that players enter when they’re totally immersed in what they’re doing.

You’ll also find information on the various Bloodlines available in the game. Bloodlines each offer a unique bonus to your character, such as increased kick power, running speed, or a larger dribble hitbox. You can also check out the game’s Roblox group.

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