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Mario Tennis Aces: How to Beat Kamek


Mario Tennis Aces: How to Beat Kamek

How to Beat Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces

The rally challenges in Mario Tennis Aces can be tricky at times, but Kamek in particular seems to have an agenda against you, sending shots all over the place in an effort to make you fail. Which is fairly appropriate, considering his rather inauspicious history with Mario.

But what can you do to right this wrong, and complete the seemingly insurmountable 400-hit rally that is required? Don’t let this ghastly sorcerer’s mind games mess with you, he’s actually trying to send you a message that you can take onboard for your final skirmish up ahead.

The first thing to learn in this challenge is that counter shots are key. Mario Tennis Aces has been drumming this principle into your head since the early stages, but if you aren’t aware, a top spin (red) is countered with a slice (blue), and vice versa. A flat (purple) is countered by another flat. Use this visual cue to send back Kamek’s shots with ease; if you refuse to follow this pattern, you risk sending up a star shot that Kamek will gladly punish.

Further, remember that your goal here is not to score points. You can use special shots to launch the ball right past Kamek if you want, but to what avail? The rally with Kamek will simply pick up from there, and you will have cost yourself valuable energy. Instead, use your trick shots and fully charged shots as a means of storing up energy to be used exclusively for zone speed.

Whenever Kamek sends a zone shot your way in Mario Tennis Aces, or cheekily knocks a volley off of the mast, you’ll want to respond quickly, so storing up an ample amount of energy to use zone speed can be crucial. Make sure to stay centered after hitting the ball to maintain control in Mario Tennis Aces (learn more about the three C’s in our guide to advanced techniques), and give yourself a wide berth. Kamek won’t be attempting any drop shots to slip you up!

For more tips, tricks, guides and such, lob yourself on over to our Mario Tennis Aces wiki, and stick with the pros here at Twinfinite for everything gaming!

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