Lootyagins in Atomic Heart, Explained

Not everything is out to kill you.

Who are the twins in Atomic Heart and What are their names? Image Source: Mundfish

If you have been playing through Atomic Heart from developer Mundfish, you may already realize that this game can be quite a challenge. Despite it offering a bevy of powerful abilities with the Polymer Glove, loot is always welcome to help you power up a little further as you try to survive your journey through Facility 3826. Lucky for you, Lootyagins are strewn throughout the game’s map, and luckier still, we are here to explain what are Lootyagins in Atomic Heart.

What are Lootyagins in Atomic Heart?

Lootyagins are robots with treasure chests where their heads should be. These poor things can be found stuck in place, endlessly trying to move forward. Cracking open one of these chests will reward you with loot, hence the name Lootyagin. Just because a Lootyagin cannot move, however, does not mean they will be easy to find, as they are hidden in various places around the Testing Grounds.

These treasured fellows come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with each one providing better loot than the last. Opening a Lootyagin will reward the player you with a variety of items, including ammunition, upgrade recipes, and components for crafting valuable gear. Completionists and players simply up for a challenge will be happy to know that locating every Lootyagin in Atomic Heart will also award the player with a Trophy/Achievement for their troubles.

We wish you luck on your endeavor to locate each treasure, seeing Major Sergey Nechaev (P-3) through on his quest to prevent World War 3 with loot aplenty. That is everything you need to know about Lootyagins in Atomic Heart. For more guides and updates on Atomic Heart, check the links below.

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