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Leveling Your Players & Your Team in NBA All-World, Explained

Rise and grind, all-stars!

For those taking their game to the courts of NBA All-World, leveling up your team early on may seem a bit tedious. Fortunately, the leveling system between those recruited to your team and your general Team Level go hand in hand. Still, subtle differences remain, which is why we’re here to break down the differences between leveling players and your team in NBA All-World.

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NBA All-World Guide to Leveling

The biggest difference between player and team leveling is as follows: leveling players allows you to reach higher team levels, whereas raising your overall Team Level allows you to recruit better players. For example, Boston’s Jaylen Brown is available at Level 4, whereas Damian Lillard cannot be recruited until you’ve reached Level 11.

That said, raising the overall level of your team will require raising the level of one or more of your roster. As you progress, you’ll gain XP by completing various drills or finding them directly through item drops. A combination of the two is the way to go in order to maximize your XP earnings. Additionally, be sure to stock up on energy. Depending on the player’s level, you’ll also need varying amounts of Cred to advance.

When it comes to choosing who to level up, that is entirely up to you. If you nab some All-Stars early on, we’d suggest focusing your energy and XP on them. To decide who to use, head to ‘My Team’ from the menu and simply choose which player you’d like to activate.

The screenshot below displays which current star is active, as well as their Rank, Level, and Skill ratings. For the purpose of this guide, your focus should be on their Level — and to a certain extent, their Rank. Skill is important when it comes to one-on-one showdowns, but you can make anyone work if you’re sharp enough.

A player’s Level increases when enough XP is gained whereas their Rank rises by completing a set of objectives that typically includes earning Star Tokens, collecting Tournament Rings, and winning player-specific drills.

NBA All-World Leveling Up
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It’s important to note that no matter the quality, from general Starter or All-Star to All-World, they all level up individually. Upon successfully completing a drill, XP is given to who is currently active rather than spread out amongst the squad. However, finding XP at stops can be distributed as you see fit. If that means giving a handful of bonuses to get just one person on your roster, so be it.

This is where player and team leveling go hand in hand. Keep in mind that in order to rise through the ranks team-wise, you’ll have to level up multiple players. Below, you’ll notice requirements for the current level (4) as well as Level 11, which is a ways down the road. As you progress further, Rank requirements will become more common.

Leveling Players & Team NBA All-World
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While it may seem tedious in the early going, NBA All-World does allow you to check off future objectives in pursuit of a higher Team Level. Through a series of recruitment, as well as cycling through and leveling, you’ll be able to climb the ranks quicker than you think.

That’s everything you need to know about leveling players and your team in NBA All-World. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, Twinfinite is the place to be. Make sure you check out our other guides, news, and features at the links below.

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