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The highly anticipated XDefiant open beta has recently launched, and players are excited to dive into the action-packed world of Ubisoft’s latest release. However, as with any beta versions, there are a few ongoing issues that players are experiencing, particularly related to server problems and crossplay invites. With this in mind, let’s find out whether XDefiant is crossplay in the first place.

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Is XDefiant Open Beta Crossplay?

Yes, XDefiant enables crossplay between PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. However, PS4 and Xbox One players cannot participate yet in crossplay during the open beta. We expect these platforms to receive support when the full game releases later this summer.

Ubisoft previously conducted a closed beta for XDefiant back in April, allowing players to preload the game before the open beta. This was done to mitigate some of the server issues that were encountered during the closed beta phase. Unfortunately, despite these preparations, the sheer number of players attempting to access the open beta has caused server issues and other related problems.

Mark Rubin, the executive producer of XDefiant, acknowledged this problem on Twitter, assuring players that the development team is actively working on resolving the crossplay invite issue. In his tweet, Rubin stated, “We’re still working on crossplay party invites. They are unfortunately not always working still.”

While the XDefiant open beta has faced some server-related challenges and crossplay invite issues, Ubisoft is actively working to resolve these problems. Players can expect improvements as the development team continues to fine-tune the game before its full release. The inclusion of crossplay across multiple platforms demonstrates Ubisoft’s commitment to providing a seamless and inclusive multiplayer experience in XDefiant.

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