Is the Vault Edition Worth It in Modern Warfare 2? Explained

CoD MW2's Vault Edition is a hefty package, but is it worth it?

Is the Vault Edition Worth It in Modern Warfare 2? Image Source: Activision

It’s Call of Duty season, folks, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is bringing the juggernaut FPS franchise to the present. As always, Call of Duty has a very complex system regarding what edition of the game you buy and what benefits you the most. We’re going to be taking a look at the highest-priced edition of the game, the Vault Edition, and breaking down if this version is worth purchasing if you’re looking at getting Modern Warfare 2.

Is the Vault Edition Worth It in Modern Warfare 2?

Is the Vault Edition Worth It in Modern Warfare 2? Explained
Image Source: Infinity Ward

For this discussion, we’ll be referring to the above image to describe what the Vault Edition contains when cracked open. The short answer is the Vault Edition is a worthy package for fans thinking about picking up Modern Warfare 2.

The best way to describe the worth of the package is to break down each item and stack it up to the full price of the Vault Edition, which costs $100 USD plus taxes or your regional equivalent. Now, let’s look at the contents of the package outside of the full game:

  • Season 1 Battle Pass plus 50 tier skips
    • As is the custom with most titles that have a battle pass, the pass itself normally costs $10 USD, or you can pay the premium $20 USD to get 25 tier skips. This version gives you double the tier skips to give you the head start come Season 1 on Nov. 16.
  • Red Team 141 Operator Pack
    • This pack gives you four playable operators to choose from, each boasting their own unique masks. It’s hard to tell, but pictured in the bundle are Farah, Soap, Ghost and Price.
  • Ghost Legacy Pack, Khaled Al-Asad Bundle and Final Judgment Bundle
    • The verdict is still out on if these carry over to the Warzone sequel. However, even if they don’t, this is three different bundles that net you over 10 different character skins and 12 weapon blueprints. To put it in perspective, a single skin and a weapon blueprint would most likely cost around $10-20 USD.
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Blueprint
    • From my understanding of the newly revamped Gunsmith, this weapon blueprint allows you to bring over all of the blueprint’s cosmetics to different guns of the same platform. For example, this is an M4 skin, and any gun that you create with the attachments from the M4 will have the FJX Cinder’s color scheme on it. Here’s the full breakdown per Infinity Ward.

The Standard Edition of Modern Warfare 2 costs $70, or your regional equivalent. For $30 more USD, you can gain all of the listed cosmetics versus having to purchase them individually. The final verdict is yes, this bundle is worth the price admission. However, that’s if you deem it worth the price of admission, as it is your money.

That’s all you need to know about Modern Warfare 2’s Vault Edition and if it’s worth the price. Modern Warfare 2 is out worldwide, and we’ve got you covered with plenty of guides and tips to help your journey. Check out if Modern Warfare 2 is available on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, find out how the new Prestige system works, how to get the Vault Edition bonus items, or how to earn Twitch Drops by watching Modern Warfare 2 on Twitch.

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