The priest casting a spell in Tarisland.
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Is Tarisland Coming to Consoles?

Time to boot up your console?

Wondering whether Tarisland is coming to consoles or not? The vast fantasy MMORPG has recently launched on consoles and mobile devices, boasting plenty of different classes and a huge world to explore. Due to its popularity, it’s no surprise that players on consoles are desperate to get their hands on Tarisland.

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Will Tarisland Release on Consoles?

As it stands, there is nothing to suggest Tarisland will release on consoles.

In fact, in any official source you check for information on Tarisland, there’s no mention of a console launch anywhere. That includes the FAQ section on the Discord server and the various blog posts on the game’s official website. For this reason, there’s currently no reason to believe it’ll come to PlayStation and Xbox any time soon.

Therefore, the only way to play Tarisland at this time is either by downloading it on PC or via your mobile device’s app store. Fortunately, it’s free to download and play in its entirety, so you don’t need to worry about spending cash on the game and not then liking it.

A mage casting a spell in Tarisland.
Image Source: Level Infinite

Will Tarisland Ever Come Out on Consoles?

Of course, you can never say never to an eventual console release if Tarisland proves to be a massive hit. We’ve seen it before, when a game takes off on PC and eventually gets a console release, with games such as DayZ and Smite following that path.

As such, there’s every possibility we’ll eventually get a console version of Tarisland down the line. Considering the current version of the game is entirely cross-compatible between PC and mobile, it’s not like modern consoles wouldn’t be able to run Tarisland.

Therefore, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Tarisland eventually comes to consoles. Until then, though, there’s plenty to learn about the game. Check out our Tarisland classes tier list, plus the best Ranger and Bard builds. We’ve also got some tips on how to get Vigor in Tarisland.

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