How To Use the Shiny Picnic Reset Method in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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How to Use the Shiny Picnic Reset Method in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

This is most definitely the easiest shiny hunting method in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

One of the most patience-heavy aspects of Pokemon games as a whole is shiny hunting. Considering players regularly have a 1 in 4000 to encounter a wild shiny Pokemon, there’s a common desire to find easier methods. Fortunately, there is a much easier trick in the newest game, but it’s liable to be removed in a future patch. Here’s how to use the Shiny Picnic Reset method in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Shiny Picnic Reset Method Explained

The best part of this shiny hunting method is that it can be done extremely early in the Scarlet and Violet games. Once you can freely explore the whole map, you can take advantage of this.

  1. You will first want to teach your best Pokemon the most False Swipe.

    This TM can be learned by catching 30 different species of Pokemon and then visiting the Biology lab in the Academy and talking to Jacq. False Swipe is a move that will always leave a Pokemon at 1HP if it would otherwise be a knockout blow. This will prevent you from accidentally knocking out the shiny you want to catch.

  2. You’ll now want to make your way to a Pokemon outbreak.

    You’re looking for the glowing red icon and it will either have a question mark or a Pokemon image over it, depending on if you know the species or not. These outbreaks can happen anywhere.Pokemon Outbreak Icon

  3. Toss your Pokemon out with R1 to put it into fight mode.

    This has to be done in an outbreak that is on land, you can’t do this method while swimming.

  4. Let your Pokemon run wild through the outbreak.

    Your goal is to knock out 60 Pokemon, which will drop your Shiny chance (similar to the old Shiny Chain method) to 1 in 1365.

  5. Save your game.

    Once saved, open up your picnic from the menu. Wait for just a second, and then close it.

  6. All the Pokemon in the outbreak will have respawned with the new shiny chance.

    Take a look around. If you don’t see a shiny, open your picnic back up and then close it to reset the outbreak once more. This could take well over 10 tries, but it is the currently most reliable method to shiny hunting in Scarlet and Violet.

This is everything you need to know for how to use the Shiny Picnic Reset method in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you’re trying to find the best pokemon to use for this method, we do recommend your starter and we have a guide for their evolution levels to help.

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