How to Use Parade Leader’s Ergo in Lies of P
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How to Use Parade Leader’s Ergo in Lies of P

Don't use it immediately!

After defeating the Parade Master in Lies of P, you will receive two items, and among them is the Parade Leader’s Ergo. Although you may be tempted to use the object immediately, the Parade Leader’s Ergo has a second utility you will unlock after progressing through the game.

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Should You Use the Parade Leader’s Ergo in Lies of P?

The Parade Leader’s Ergo has two utilities. First, you can immediately use the item and gain 5,000 Ergo. You can spend this currency to level up your stats, buy items, and upgrade your weapons.

The second use will only be revealed once you reach St. Frangelico Cathedral in Chapter 4. After you enter the library, you will find an elevator leading you to a merchant named Alidoro.

Unlike Polendina, who accepts regular Ergo, Alidoro only trades special items you can redeem using Rare Ergo. If you still have the Parade Leader’s Ergo, you can exchange it to obtain the Seven-Coil Spring Sword or the Dancing One’s Amulet.

The Seven-Coil Spring Sword in Lies of P.
Image Credit: Neowiz Games via Twinfinite

Here are their stats:

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword
    • Type: Greatsword
    • Weapon Durability: 100 / 100
    • Total Weight: 18.7
    • Physical ATK: 129
    • Motivity: B
    • Technique: C
    • Advance: –
    • Charge Pulse Cells: 12.40
    • Fable Charge: 562
    • Damage Reduction Rate while Guarding: 61.34
  • Dancing One’s Amulet
    • Item Type: Amulet
    • Weight: 19.6
    • Effect: Enables dodging even with low Stamina

Be warned that, unlike regular weapons, boss weapons cannot be disassembled and combined with other weapon parts. If you’re not interested in the two items, I recommend using the Parade Leader’s Ergo immediately after obtaining it. During the early game, 5,000 Ergo is a hefty amount, and you can spend it to increase your stats several times.

Besides dropping the Parade Leader’s Ergo, the Parade Master also gives a Quartz after you defeat it in Lies of P. You won’t be able to use this item immediately, and you must rescue Geppetto first in Chapter 2. He will set up a station in his room, and you can use it to upgrade your P-Organ and obtain new skills.

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