How To Respec (Level, Legion Arms & P-Organ) in Lies of P

How To Respec in Lies of P

It's never too late to change your mind.

In a game where choices can seemingly be set in stone, Lies of P does give players a little more freedom when it comes to crafting their character. While the decision to tell the truth or lie will affect the story, the various attributes and upgrades that can be obtained can be switched up after a certain point in the game. If you are keen to find out just how to respec your character in Lies of P, here’s what you need to know.

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Lies of P Respec: How and Where to Do it

Lies of P All Attributes Explained
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In Lies of P, players are able to use various resources to make the main character stronger in a variety of ways. Ergo is used to level up various attributes, contributing to all sorts of improvements both on the offensive and defensive ends. Legion Arms can be crafted and then modified to become more efficient, while the P-Organ utilizes Quarts to unlock powerful latent abilities and special effects.

However, you might change your mind and want to explore a different way to play the game. That’s where the Saintess of Mercy Statue comes into play. Located in chapter 7 at the museum, players can only open the door near the level boss after defeating Champion Victor.

Approaching the statue will open up a menu of three options: Reset Level, Rest P-Organs, and Reset Legion Arm. All of these require Gold Coin Fruit, which can be obtained from the Gold Coin Tree back at Hotel Kratz.

To reset your level or P-Organs will cost 10 Gold Coin Fruit each, whereas every Legion Arm reset will set you back eight Gold Coin Fruit. Thankfully, getting Gold Coin Fruit is as simple as waiting patiently as the game runs. Once this is done, you can head back often through the secret door on the second level of the hotel and harvest it all.

Getting back all that Ergo, Quartz, and Legion Caliber will allow you to explore another way of approaching challenges in Lies of P. Experiment as much as possible, and find the one way that will potentially keep you alive all the way to the end.

That’s everything there is to know about how to respec your character in Lies of P. Be sure to check out the related content below for more help. For everything else, you can stay right here at Twinfinite for more tips and information.

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