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How to Use Broken Element Reroll in Type Soul

How does it work?

One of the more recent codes for Type Soul, “abracadabra,” gives you Broken Element Rerolls. Now, the in-game tooltip says it unlocks your bankai, but that is not really the case. Here is everything you need to know about what the Broken Element Reroll does and how to use it in Type Soul.

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What Does Broken Element Reroll Do in Type Soul?

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Broken Element Reroll is actually a troll item in Type Soul, at least for now, that disables your inputs once you try to use it from the hotbar. Binding it to a hotkey from the inventory still does nothing, and you’ll be able to play the game. However, once you try to use it, your game will glitch out.

Some people on the Type Soul Discord are also reporting that it’s messing with their bankai progression. One example is that when you try to use it during the bankai boss fight, it will glitch out the game, and once you die and meditate again, you’ll be sent back to Stage 1. So, that makes one more reason not to use it for now.

I haven’t tested whether it bugs out Arrancar and Quincy progressions as well. So, unless you’re prepared to lose progress, I advise you not to use it on those races either.

With all that said, there is still a chance that the Broken Element Reroll will become functional in the future. Broken in its name might mean that it is not working now, but with the help of an NPC, for example, maybe you can repair it and make it usable. This is what works when upgrading Black Elixirs.

However, that NPC still doesn’t appear to be in the game yet. Or maybe the NPC is so well hidden that players haven’t been able to locate him yet. Whatever it may be, we will make sure to update this post once there is more info on whether you can fix this reroll and use it.

Anyway, that’s about all we can say about the Broken Element Reroll and its usage in Type Soul. If you need help with other in-game mechanics, be sure to visit the Type Soul section of our website. There, you’ll find answers to all the most common questions, including how to meditate.

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