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How to Unlock & Craft Flamethrower in Palworld

Ready to go on a flaming rampage?

The colorfully bizarre world of Palworld is full of tools and weapons that your character can have at their disposal, and one of the more powerful weapons is the Flamethrower. If you’re in the mood or need to brandish some fiery firepower, here’s our handy guide for how to unlock and craft the Flamethrower in Palworld.

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How to Unlock the Flamethrower in Palworld

Flamethrower blueprint in Palworld
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As with every other weapon in Palworld, the Flamethrower has to first be unlocked by going to your Technology Menu and finding the blueprint for it on the Level 52 tier. Use your Technology Points to unlock it, along with the blueprint for Flamethrower Fuel next to it. That will serve as your ammo for the weapon.

To craft both of these items, you will need to have a Weapon Assembly Line II constructed at one of your bases. If you don’t already, you will need the following resources to build it:

  • 100 x Refined Ingot (made via Furnace)
    • Ingredients: Ore, Coal
  • 10 x Circuit Board (made via Production Assembly Line II)
    • Ingredients: Pure Quartz, Polymer
  • 30 x Nails (made via Production Assembly Line II)
    • Ingredients: Ingots

How to Craft & Use the Flamethrower in Palworld

Weapon Assembly Line II constructed in Palworld
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Once you have your Weapon Assembly Line II built and ready for action, you then need to assimilate all of the crafting materials you’ll need to build the Flamethrower. Some of these materials (e.g. – Plasteel) will take considerable time to make, so be sure to plan ahead as much as possible, in case you want this weapon for a specific purpose.

To build the Flamethrower, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 40 x Pal Metal Ingot (made via Electric Furnace)
    • Ingredients: Ore, Paldium Fragments
  • 50 x Plasteel (made via Electric Furnace)
    • Ingredients: Crude Oil, Paldium Fragments, Ore
  • 35 x Carbon Fiber (made via Production Assembly Line II)
    • Ingredients: Charcoal
  • 30 x Flame Organs (obtained from Fire-elemental Pals)

Once you have all of those resources, use them to build your Flamethrower. Remember that you will also need Flamethrower Fuel in order to use it. You can obtain it either by finding it in rubble piles scattered across the map, or by crafting it at your Weapon Assembly Line II. However, it requires Crude Oil to make, which is considerably difficult to come by in large quantities, so we’d sooner suggest scavenging for it.

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