Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine Update
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How to Get to Fontaine in Genshin Impact

Just keep swimming!

Genshin Impact 4.0 has introduced a new water-filled region in Teyvat, showcasing the next step in the main storyline and the latest cast of characters. Due to the district’s strong connection to the sea, they worship the Hydro Archon, which can help you improve your aqua abilities. So, if you want to know where to find this location, we’ll show you how to get to Fontaine in Genshin Impact.

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Here Is Fontaine’s Exact Location in Genshin Impact

You can reach Fontaine by starting the Archon quest, Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur: The Soloist’s Prologue, or traveling through the Sumeru region. Those who haven’t unlocked the mission can progress further in the storyline until they get to Chapter IV, where they will be taken to the harbor automatically.

Players can still travel to Fontaine through the desert after they fast-travel to the Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru’s Realm of Farakhkert (the same thing will happen with the Archon quest.) If the waypoint isn’t available, you must complete the Archon quest, Song of the Dragon and Freedom, which is a part of the early stages of Genshin Impact. While at the Realm of Farakhkert, you can use the Waverider to cruise down the coast of Romaritime Harbor.

Waverider to Fontaine Location
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After you dock your boat, you can start traversing around Fontaine to meet new characters and begin the next phase of adventures.

How to Get to the Court of Fontaine in Genshin Impact

To explore the rest of Fontaine, you can use the Aquabus at the Romaritime Harbor. You can discover this transportation system by heading up the stairs and taking the elevator.

Romaritime Harbor in Genshin Impact
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Players can trigger the arrival of the transportation system by interacting with a crate in the center, where you can press ‘Wait for the Aquabus’ (if it isn’t there already).

Aquabus Fontaine Location
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You can speak to Aeval on the Aquabus to set sail to the location, providing you with information about the surrounding area. Eventually, players can take the elevator to various destinations, such as Palais Mermonia, Navia Line, and Station Main Hall. You’ll most likely want to unlock the Statue of Seven on the fourth floor, as it will fill in the missing parts of the map.

Now that you know how to get to Fontaine, you can learn more about Version 4.0 with our Golden Troupe Artifact Set guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to see even more Genshin Impact content.

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