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How To Get Fortnite Armor In Destiny 2

Here is how to get Fortnite armor in Destiny 2.

It’s still mildly weird to see this in a sentence, but alas here we are; Destiny 2 has officially crossed over with Fortnite. Following a collaboration with EpicGames, which was announced at today’s annual Destiny 2 Showcase, Fortnite Skins for each of the three featured classes in Destiny 2 are now available through the Eververse Store. This comes on the coattails of Season of the Plunder, also launched today. As is usually the case with seasonal armor (which seems to be taking the place of an actual seasonal armor set), it can only be obtained with Silver, the game’s real-time currency, and only as part of a bundle. Regardless, here is how to get Fortnite armor in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 – How to Get Fortnite Armor

  1. Open director

    When you are in orbit, players can usually click right in the middle where it says open director

  2. Go to the Eververse Store tab

    Cycle through the tabs until you get to the leftmost tab that says “store”

  3. Add silver to your associated account

    Click on the blue ‘Buy Silver’ button in the right corner. On whatever platform you are on, this will then bring you to a page where you can use real money to buy silver. Buy whatever amount of silver you wish (since the bundle costs 2,000 silver – you would need to spend at least $19.99 to get enough silver)

  4. Buy Fortnite bundle

    When you’re on the class you want the armor set on, just purchase it and it should immediately go through. Depending on what class you want the armor set on (or all 3), you’ll either buy the “Painted Kitsune” Warlock bundle, the “Eternal Vengeance” Hunter bundle, or the “Knightly Noire” Titan bundle.

  5. Redeem bundle

    Go back to orbit screen, click your corresponding button for the Game Menu, and this time go all the way over to the furthest tab on the right. If you look in ‘Wrapped Items’, it should be there. Finally, you can unlock the ornaments themselves from the modifications node in the same area and apply them as you see fit.

And that’s all she wrote for getting the Fortnite armor in Season of the Plunder. It’s honestly rather sick all things considered, and will really make you standout – whether in PVP or PVE activities. Reportedly, there is also a Battle Bus on Europa for anyone who wants to find more Fortnite tie-in items. Be sure to check out all the other announcements that came from the today, including the announcement and release date for Destiny 2: Lightfall and what new raid is returning this upcoming Friday.

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