How to Get Destiny 2 Twitch Drops

For the first time ever, Bungie announces that Destiny 2 will be getting Twitch Drops, and today we go over how to get them.

In the latest “This Week at Bungie” post, Bungie has announced for the first time that Twitch Drops will finally debut for Destiny 2. As a token of their appreciation for stopping by their upcoming Destiny 2 2022 Showcase, they will be offering a brand new in-game emblem for players to obtain. Bungie also states not to leave immediately after the showcase ends, as they tease they have more surprises in store. With that said, let’s discuss how to get Destiny 2 Twitch drops.

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How to Get The Destiny 2 Twitch Drops

Destiny 2 Twitch Drop Emblem
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To be eligible to receive the Twitch drops, players must ensure their Twitch accounts are linked with their Destiny 2 accounts on their profiles. After that, players will have to tune in to the Livestream showcase on Tuesday, Aug 23, and watch at least 30 minutes of the showcase. After 30 minutes have passed, Twitch will send you a prompt to accept your reward, which, once accepted, will be sent directly into your Destiny 2 accounts.

  1. Login into your profile

    Go to and log into your account to start off. Destiny 2 login screen

  2. Go to your account settings

    Navigate over to your account settings, from which you will then click on “Account Linking.”Destiny 2 account

  3. Link your account to Twitch

    From Account linking, click on Link Twitch Account prompt. Destiny 2 Account linking

  4. Authorize your link

    After you click “Link Account” a pop-up window should appear (be sure to allow pop-ups for Simply confirm you’re logged into the correct Twitch account and then select “Authorize”. Upon clicking “Authorize” your and Twitch accounts should be successfully linked. Destiny 2 Twitch Link

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As mentioned before, Bungie stated not to leave immediately after the showcase ends, as they have a few more things to talk about. They state, “We’re especially excited to welcome D_Flawless, a wildly passionate content creator that has proven time and time again that he’s got the stuff that Guardians are made of, onto the stage to chat with us.

If you’re interested in learning more about the world of Destiny 2 from the mouths of those that continue to craft its future with each Season, then you’re not going to want to miss out on this.” What all of this will mean in the end, remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to update you all in the event of further new information being revealed.

That is everything you need to know about how to get Destiny 2 Twitch drops.

Destiny 2 Season 18 officially launches on Aug 23, right after the reveal of Destiny 2 2022 Showcase stream. For more on the game, check out our related articles below.

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