How to get all endings in Hooked on You

How To Get All Endings in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Fall in love or die trying in Hooked on You.

Since Dead by Daylight’s Dating Sim is a decision-based game, there are many different outcomes throughout the storyline. So, we’ll explain how you can get all the endings in Hooked on You by either romancing or breaking the hearts of the Killers. In addition, we’ll tell you how to achieve the secret conclusions that some players may have missed.

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All Endings in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

In total, you can do eight possible endings to get the Completionist Achievement in Hooked on You. However, there are other storylines you can unlock to gain hidden rewards that reveal the secrets of Murderer’s Island.

Before we start with this list of conclusions, players should know that the questionnaire at the beginning doesn’t affect anything and we won’t include any answers for that part of the storyline.

How To Get the Good Ending for The Trapper

The Trapper Good Ending
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Hooked on You is split into three days that are full of choices and minigames to acquire the heart of a Killer. Every time there is a storytime or hangout event, it’s recommended to pick the person you want to romance, which in this case, is The Trapper.

The best way to achieve his good ending is to be mean to the employees of Murderer’s Island and torment him. Additionally, it’s a great idea to get perfect for the precision minigame, but it’s not really that necessary.

Day One

In the beginning, you’ll wake up on a beach and see the Killers playing volleyball, where you can choose the dialogue, ‘No thanks.’ Then, you can click on the yacht image (located on the far right side) to go to Trapper’s area. The player will now start the first hangout event with him, and you must say these specific social interactions:

  • “You can’t choose”
  • “Get rid of them”
  • “I’m sorry”
  • Tell The Trapper “No” when he asks you to see his drawing
  • Follow quietly
  • “Magnificent”

Once you reach the campfire site, choose The Trapper to tell a story and select these options:

  • “Now THAT’S a story”
  • “Honesty is important”
  • Laugh

Day 2

The next day you’ll get to hang out with The Trapper and go to his secret cave, where you can choose the following actions:

  • Assume it’s a trap
  • “Don’t tell me what to do”
  • Tell him “No”
  • “He hasn’t proved his worth”
  • Tell the Trickster, “No”
  • Snoop around
  • “Hell yeah”
  • “No, you’re remaining loyal to Trapper”
  • When he asks if you want kids, say “No”
  • “It’s terrible”
  • Say nothing
  • “Fine, I’ll tell a story”
  • First, pick ‘Adventure,’ then choose ‘Action’
  • Say nothing (to Trapper’s story)
  • “It’s another test”
  • “Survival”
  • “Maybe, maybe not”
  • “You understand”

After all of these scenarios, you’ll have to eliminate someone you don’t want to romance, so make sure you don’t select The Trapper.

Day 3

This day is the most crucial to your success in receiving a good ending in Dead by Daylight’s Dating Sim. Furthermore, this phase of Hooked on You is where you must give a flower to your special someone.

Give the item to The Trapper, and be sure to do these social options:

  • “Power”
  • When he lets you ask him a question, you can do whichever one you want
  • “Only if he promises not to kill you”
  • Tell him your darkest secret
  • Tell him his father sounds awful
  • “What the hell is wrong with him?!”
  • “No, you don’t believe him”
  • Choose whichever questions you want to Trapper’s father
  • “Never”
  • “A partner in crime”
  • “Literally”
  • “Yes” (if you would hurt Trapper)
  • Look around
  • “Finally, let’s do this!”
  • “Yes it was”
  • “Depends on the person”
  • Refuse to kill Trapper’s father
  • “I would never kill any Macmillan”
  • “Yes. I love Trapper!”

All these decisions lead you to The Trapper’s good ending, thus giving you the Love Hurts achievement.

How To Get the Bad Ending for The Trapper

The Trapper Bad Ending
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

In order to get the bad ending for The Trapper, you’ll have to do most of the same interactions from the good conclusion, but the only difference is to choose “No, I don’t love him” at the end. As a result, the character will be heartbroken by your words and give you the Last Laugh achievement.

How To Get the Good Ending for The Wraith

The Wraith good ending in Dead by Daylight Dating Sim
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

The Wraith is probably the most sincere and nicest of all the Killers, so he isn’t too hard to romance. He values two things in conversations: being honest and the subject of grandmothers (he loves his Grandma Abi.)

Day One

The Wraith is pretty easy to impress on the first day as long as you are polite and consistently tell the truth. Here is a list of things you should say to him at the start of Hooked on You:

  • Kick it back
  • Choose the beach icon to go to the pool
  • Goggles and snorkel
  • Hands off
  • Have some fun
  • “I’m sorry”
  • Tell him “No” (when he asks if you could be as shy and nervous as someone like him)
  • Hold the bell delicately
  • Choose The Wraith in storytime
  • Ask about the story
  • “I would forgive him”
  • Say, “Yes” after The Wraith asks you more about the story

Day 2

Once you decide to partake in the hangout event with Wraith, he’ll take you to The Cosmic Dump. These interactions are what you should say to him:

  • Break the silence
  • “I have no idea”
  • Mix those potions!
  • “I remember my grandmother”
  • “What’s the table for?”
  • Smile
  • Truth or Dare produces the same result
  • “Hmm, great question”
  • “Cactus”
  • “Show me something”
  • “You’re a hypocrite” or say nothing

The Wraith will bring you to his hidden lair after your conversation with The Spirit. Then, you’ll decide where you should explore next in the area, and none of these selections will affect the storyline.

Eventually, the player will exit the lair and go to dinner. Here is the next set of dialogue you’ll have to choose:

  • “Say you had a great time”
  • “Fine, I’ll tell a story”
  • “Romance”
  • Choose The Wraith for storytime and the hangout event
  • Ask what’s wrong
  • Suggest throwing a frisbee
  • Hug him
  • During the elimination round, don’t choose The Wraith

Day Three

As always, the third day is the most critical time to steal The Wraith’s heart, and these are the interactions you should pick:

  • “You could never disappoint me”
  • Pick up that coin (it doesn’t affect this outcome)

Since you’ve misplaced The Wraith’s bell, you’ll need to investigate the Killers’ locations.

The Black Lighthouse (The Spirit) is the first choice, and your decisions don’t matter in this part of the Hooked on You.

The second is the Trapper’s Cave; you’ll have to be careful here, or else you’ll die. Here’s what you need to do to stay alive:

  • Look around the cave
  • Pick up the coin if you want
  • Quit while you’re ahead
  • Bribe him/tell him you’re pranking Wraith

At the Huntress’s Cabin, it is essential to tell her, “Say you’re pranking Wraith,” because she will instantly kill you if you don’t.

You’ll have to interact with The Spirit to get Wraith’s bell when you finish these tasks. In this part, any decision will do, but you should still try to accurately win the precision game (you don’t have to be perfect.)

Then, it’s time to bring back the bell to Wraith and pick these selections:

  • “What are we finishing?”
  • “A statue of a horse”
  • “Cactus”

During your conversation with Grandma Abi, you’ll have the opportunity to prove your worth with a Constellation Trivia or a Cornhole minigame.

If you choose the trivia quiz, these are the correct answers:

  • “Cetus”
  • “The Zodiac”
  • “Horologium”

All you have to do after this is pick ‘Accept Wraith’s Love,’ and you will now trigger the Blood Pact achievement.

How To Get the Bad Ending for The Wraith

The Wraith bad ending in Hooked on You
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

When you’ve done most of the steps of Wraith’s good ending, you’ll be asked to accept or reject his love, so choose the option “Reject Wraith’s love.”

Two dialogues will come up after you deny him: “Tell him the others were right about him” and “Tell him you’re not a killer.” The first selection will give you the Star Killer ending, a storyline where you break The Wraith’s heart, while the second produces The Wraith’s Wreckage achievement (he kills you.)

How To Get the Good Ending for The Spirit

The Spirit Dark Heart Trophy
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Suppose you want an ending where you and The Spirit live happily ever after. In that case, you must channel your inner goth and choose dialogue options that involve horror (especially horror novels) or not participating in sociable events.

Day 1

When you decide which area to go to, pick the most left option with an image of a bar (The Spirit’s location.) Keep in mind that she doesn’t like alcohol, so it’s best if you always pick the sober talking points, like selecting the Virgin Daiquiri after you’re asked what drink you want.

As we mentioned, The Spirit is a horror novel lover, and you must tell her that ‘Dracula’ is your favorite book. After this, it’s time to spin the bottle, and you’ll have to land on her icon three times, or else she will deny you by the story’s end.

During dinnertime, the Killers will ask you to slice the meat, requiring you to play Hooked on You’s precision minigame. While doing this, it’s best to do an adequate job (not perfect) since she likes that you at least tried.

Later on, you’ll have more alone time together, where you must pick these specific dialogues:

  • “I’m sorry”
  • “You’ve always been alone”
  • “Nothing but darkness”

After this, choose The Spirit for storytime and select these two options:

  • Say nothing. Hug her.
  • “Who cares”

Day 2

Once it’s time to hang out with a Killer, pick The Spirit every chance you get. Here is a list of selections you must click on to swoon her:

  • “Thanks”
  • “Sure, why not?”
  • Ask about the shards of glass sticking out from her
  • “Frustrated”
  • Be Coy
  • Ignore them
  • “I’m not the storytelling type”
  • Be gracious

You’ll go to the bar shortly after these interactions, so choose the selection of ‘Stay sober.’ But, eventually, you’ll still have to decide on a drink, so pick ‘Dark & Stormy,’ and you’ll do a flirtatious line that’ll excite The Spirit.

Day 3

The final day has several dialogue opportunities, including a test from The Trapper. These interactions work best for The Spirit:

  • “Go up, maybe die”
  • Say something
  • “Rin Yamaoka”
  • “A Dragon”
  • “Restaurant”
  • “Black”
  • “Not being seen for who you are”
  • Kill him

The murdering bonding experience will prompt the Dark Heart ending, which is the good conclusion for The Spirit.

How To Get the Bad Ending for The Spirit

Assassin's Blade ending in Dead by Daylight Dating Sim
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

You can break The Spirit’s heart to unlock the Assassin’s Blade ending for Hooked on You. This conclusion is relatively straightforward to obtain if you already received a good ending for the character, which you can access by opening up your last saved game.

The main part of the storyline that you’ll need to look out for is when The Spirit asks you to kill Dwight. In this scene, you must refuse to murder him and choose the option: “I never loved you,” thus giving you the bad ending for the character.

How To Get the Good Ending for The Huntress

How to get The Huntress good ending
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

The Huntress’ mannerisms are almost similar to The Trapper since she likes strong individuals that perfect the precision minigames. But, on the contrary, she loves the concept of family and any conversations about having children.

Day One

Here are the dialogue selections you should pick for the first day on Murderer’s Island:

  • Toss it back
  • Choose the image of a volleyball net on the beach
  • Pick The Huntress icon twice
  • “Imagination”
  • “I’m sorry”
  • Accept the jerky from The Huntress
  • Show her a thing or two
  • Choose The Huntress for storytime
  • Join in on singing
  • “No way! How cool!”
  • Chuckle awkwardly

Day Two

On day two, choose The Huntress to go on a date. Here is what you must say to win her over:

  • “It’s so… much!”
  • Grab a shashka
  • “Of course!”
  • “Totally!”
  • “UGH. As if…”
  • “Thanks, but no thanks”
  • Pick any decisions at The Huntress’ Cabin
  • Tell of your brush with death
  • “Fine, I’ll tell a story”
  • Action
  • Choose The Huntress again for storytime/hangout event
  • Angler Fish Mask
  • Any decision will do when The Huntress flirts with you

At the bar, The Huntress will test out your mushroom knowledge by asking you which ones are safe to eat. Here is the correct order you must do:

  • Left (icon on the most left)
  • Left
  • Right

Once you do this mini quiz, tell her, “They ARE hot aren’t they?” and “Kill ’em all.” Then, the elimination round will begin, and you can decide on anyone you want, except for The Huntress.

Day Three

Your time on Murderer’s Island is almost up, and you must follow these directions to get The Huntress’ good ending. First, give her the flower to begin your date and select these social interactions:

  • Tidy up/Freak out (doesn’t affect anything)
  • “HELL YES!”

Next, you’ll participate in finding The Huntress’ stolen treasure at Trapper’s Cave, Spirit’s Lighthouse, Wraith’s Cosmic Dump, and Trickster’s Stage. The only one you need to worry about is Trapper’s Cave, where you’ll need to select “Underground Tunnel” to survive his attacks.

Afterward, The Huntress’ mother will approach the both of you at her cabin. These are the dialogue options you’ll have to pick:

  • “What an honor!”
  • “Of Course!”
  • “To start a family together”
  • “Absolutely”

If you’ve done all these talking points, you should now have The Hunger achievement.

How To Get the Bad Ending For The Huntress

How to get the bad ending for The Huntress
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

One of the last interactions with The Huntress can either give you the good or bad ending. You must choose “LAUGH IN HER FACE!” if you want to gain The Horror achievement, resulting in you becoming the villain in the story and breaking her heart.

How To Get the Cold Blooded Ending

How to get the Cold Blooded ending
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

In this fourth-wall-breaking moment, The Entity will be impressed with you after you’ve successfully dumped the Killers and gained all four bad endings. In return, the players will obtain the Cold Blood achievement and dub them a Killer of Dead by Daylight because of their treacherous misdeeds.

How To Get the For Better, For Worse Ending

How to get the For Better, For Worse Achievement
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

The For Better, For Worse ending can be unlocked when you steal the hearts of all four Killers. In this scenario, The Entity will present itself and give you the honor of “Jr. Deputy Entity,” leaving you with the task of taking care of everyone while it goes on a much-needed vacation.

How To Get The Trickster Ending

How to get The Trickster Ending
Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

The Trickster is someone that pops up throughout Hooked on You’s storyline that is not a romanceable character. However, one conclusion grants you the opportunity to get the Completionist achievement, an unlockable reward where you must gain all eight endings. To get this reward, you must make all four Killers fall in love with you and break their hearts.

Once you achieve this feat, you’ll experience a hilarious scene between The Entity and The Trickster that you won’t want to miss out on.

How To Get the Friends Forever Ending

The Friends Forever Ending in Hooked on You

Don’t want to go the romantic route in Dead by Daylight Dating Sim? Then, you’ll have the option to gain the Friends Forever ending, a conclusion that doesn’t involve being in a relationship.

In order to get this ending, you’ll have to be inconsistent with who you talk to, so don’t spend the whole game conversing with one person.

With this method, one of the Killers will tell you that they see you as a friend, and they would’ve taken it further if you had spent more time with them.

Besides all these endings, you can still result in a “Game Over” once someone murders you, with the option to retry. These certain moments will grant you specific achievements for each Killer, including The Huntress’ Prey and The Spirit’s Vengeance.

That does it for our guide on how to get all endings in Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim. While you’re here, you can check out the relevant links below and view the latest news about DBD.

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