How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93
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How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93

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Despite how stable Fortnite seems to remain at all times, it’s not immune from the odd issue. Fortunately, these issues are easy to diagnose and fix, for the most part. Though usually there is something players can do, it all depends. Error Code 93 is one of these such cases.

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Fortnite Error Code 93 Fix

Strangely enough, error code 93 pairs directly with error code 91, as both can appear in the same situation. Typically, you will see these errors when there is a problem joining another player’s party. It is unusual that two different error codes come from one thing, but at least you know it’s not uncommon for them to swap if you retry and it still doesn’t work. As for fixing error code 93, it shouldn’t take too much work.

Check Fortnite Servers

Your first move should always be to check the status of Fortnite’s servers, and you can use our guide to do that. In most situations, the inability to join a player’s party can easily stem from server and matchmaking issues. However, this makes it something you can’t fix, and you must be patient while the developers resolve things behind the scenes.

You can also check this by trying to solo queue in a match. If the servers are completely dead, it won’t let you. But if you can get in, it’s just a matchmaking and party issue.

Restart Console/PC

Many reports claim that if the servers aren’t having problems and you still run into this error, closing the game and restarting your system will do the trick. As it’s a small break in connection in the game, this would make sense.

It’s also possible this can be resolved by simply restarting the game, but there’s no harm in giving your system a reboot. It shouldn’t need anything outside of these fixes. If things persist, restart your router as well.

Hopefully, this will resolve your issues with Error Code 93, as there aren’t many days left until Chapter 4 Season 5 starts.

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