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How to Fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24

Just a little bump in the road.

Who doesn’t love a good Squad Building Challenge (SBC) while enjoying the Ultimate Team grind? Well in EA FC 24, they’re back and just as frequent as ever. But every once in a while, things don’t go as smoothly as they should. And while how to fix a failed to submit challenge SBC error in EA FC 24 may vary from its predecessors, there remain constants to keep an eye on.

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EA FC 24 Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error Guide

In FIFA 23, an SBC submission error could almost exclusively be blamed on Ultimate Team’s Chemistry system tweaks – especially early on. But whether it’s the Web or Companion App, bugs may lurk around every corner. Such is the case from time to time in FC 24, but there are ways to work around them.

  • Even if you believe you’ve done nothing wrong with your build, checking squad Chemistry is of the utmost importance. Especially as builds get more complex, the need for higher Chemistry points becomes more common. One big issue players had last year dealt with some players being out of position within their build. Now that position modifiers are no longer required, those headaches can be prevented.
  • On a similar note, perhaps your player doesn’t fit the squad. Whether it’s a country, league, or even an overall rating, every SBC is different. Be vigilant when it comes to their requirements.
  • If everything looks to be in place and you still cannot submit the SBC for whatever reason, try going out of Ultimate Team and going back in. If you’re in either of the apps, do the same thing. Just quit the app and boot it back up.
EA FC 24 Fix SBC Submit Error
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Speculative SBC Bugs in EA FC 24

This seems to be an issue over the Companion App specifically, but SBCs such as ‘The Red-and-Blues’ – an SBC that will expire on September 26, 2023 – has this specific requirement:

  • Paris Saint-Germain Players: Min. 1 in your Starting 11.

Now, since we finally have women footballers included in Ultimate Team from the very start, that could mean a player from either the men’s league (Ligue 1 Uber Eats) or the women’s league (D1 Arkema). However, on the mobile companion app, there has been an error when trying to submit a build from the women’s league. That bug is not present (or hasn’t been present, from what I can tell) in-game.

So until that sorts itself out, maybe think about sticking to in-game builds if you’re able to mix in players from the women’s leagues. After all, it’s likely that these SBCs – where players can choose between the men’s and women’s team – will stick around. This specific one just so happens to have a shorter shelf life.

And this, friends, is our final lesson: If you have gone through and double-checked your squad, it’s probably fine. If you have restarted the game or app, or Ultimate Team itself, the error probably isn’t on your end. But you will have to wait until EA sorts it out. That’s the game.

For now, that’s all we’ve got on how to fix a failed to submit challenge SBC error in EA FC 24. But be sure to check out our various links below as Twinfinite’s FC 24 coverage rolls on.

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