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How to Find the Secret Metallica Memorial XP Bonus in Fortnite

Free 10K XP!

Metallica has taken to the stage in Fortnite, which means exciting changes to the map and new weapons. Get ready to ride the lightning and discover new ways to defeat your opponents! There is even a secret XP discovery hidden somewhere on the map. Read on to find out where you can find the secret Metallica memorial for bonus XP!

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Where to Claim Secret Metallica 10K Bonus XP in Fortnite

Just occasionally Fortnite gives players a secret mission to find some hidden bonus XP. There is usually no way of knowing how to get this XP until you uncover it! If you have heard about the secret XP bonus added since the Metallica update but haven’t found it yet – we can help. You can find 10K of bonus XP by completing the secret Metallica challenge. All you have to do is visit Loot Island and find the Metallica memorial.

Decorative memorial in Fortnite to celebrate collaboration with Metallica.

Loot Island has been transformed into a massive Metallica stage since the last update! As you land on Loot Island Metallica appears, music blares from giant speakers, and the lights flash all around you. It’s pretty spectacular! The Metallica Memorial can be found under the stage. This is where you will be able to claim your bonus XP. Just approach the sofa with speakers on either side and the challenge will flash up as completed, awarding you with 10K XP.

The only catch is you have to survive until the later stages of the game as Loot Island doesn’t spawn until then. Wait for the notification and try to get to the floating island as soon as possible! This bonus XP is only available to claim once, and only until August while the Metallica event is live.

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