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How to Disable Camera Shake in Zenless Zone Zero

Stop shaking!

If you’re diving into miHoYo’s latest RPG but find the camera distracting, you may be wondering how to disable camera shake in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Can You Turn Off Camera Shake in Zenless Zone Zero?

At the time of writing, there isn’t a way to turn off camera shake in Zenless Zone Zero. Therefore, you’ll unfortunately have to get used to this option while playing the game, rather than doing anything about it.

This is the same case for another hugely popular miHoYo RPG, Genshin Impact. In both games, there have been calls for an option to toggle the camera shake effect that appears when players execute a super attack. Despite this, it hasn’t emerged just yet. If there is adequate demand for it from the Zenless Zone Zero community post-launch, though, this could well change.

The graphics settings menu in Zenless Zone Zero.
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How to Change Camera Settings in Zenless Zone Zero

While you can’t alter the camera effect specifically, there are plenty of other visual settings to toggle in Zenless Zone Zero. Toying with a variety of these could reduce the motion effect of camera shake, making for a more comfortable gameplay experience. Here is how to access these settings:

  • Load into Zenless Zone Zero from your mobile device.
  • Press the settings cog icon and choose the Graphics menu.
  • From here, you can alter settings like image quality, anti-aliasing, max FPS, and volumetric fog.

While this may not resolve the issue, it’s one way of slightly tweaking your settings to hopefully alleviate the issue somewhat. Also, be sure to check the game’s X page and Facebook page for the latest hotfix updates.

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