how to bind jump to the scroll wheel in counter-strike 2 cs2
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How to Bind Jump to the Scroll Wheel in Counter Strike 2

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One of the advantages of playing a first person shooter like Counter Strike 2 on the PC is being able to have full flexibility of your keybindings. You can bind whatever action you want to any key or button on your mouse, including the jump button. If you’re unclear on how this is done though, we’ve got you covered with this guide on how to bind jump to the scroll wheel in CS2.

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How Do You Bind the Jump Action to the Scroll Wheel in CS2? Explained

counter-strike 2 cs2 keybindings jump scroll wheel
Image Source: Valve

Once you’ve loaded onto your dashboard, click on the gear in the top left of your screen to open the Settings Menu. Click on where it says Keyboard / Mouse, then scroll down to the section that says Movement Keys. Jump will be at the very bottom of this section and will automatically be bound to the space bar.

To bind Jump to the scroll wheel on your mouse, click on the box that says the current keybinding and then click in the scroll wheel. This should then change the contents of that box to say MOUSE3, but this might differ depending on your mouse’s setup and how many buttons you’ve got.

You can also set the Jump action to moving the scroll wheel either up or down instead of clicking it in. To do so, it’s the same process as setting it to clicking the wheel in but instead of clicking it, simply scroll in the direction that you want to set the Jump action to. You know, if you wanted to do that.

That’s all there is to binding your Jump action to the scroll wheel in Counter-Strike 2. If you’re having trouble getting the game updated or just want to play on your Steam Deck instead, check out some of our other guides.

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