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How to Beat the Arcade Simulator in Sneaky Sasquatch

Find an arcade within the arcade!

Sneaky Sasquatch has an arcade within an arcade full of extra challenges and games to play. With at least 200 Prize Tickets up for grabs as well as the opportunity to earn a bunch of coins, you will definitely want to visit this retro game. Find out below how to beat the Arcade Simulator in Sneaky Sasquatch!

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How to Beat Arcade Simulator in Sneaky Sasquatch

You can beat this tricky Arcade Simulator by playing each of the three games, unlocking the basement, and using the games to help you activate the colored wires.

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The Arcade Simulator game is the toughest to beat as it contains three retro 1970s-inspired games to play so you can unlock the exit. You earn quarters by playing the games which you can then spend on items in the vending machines. It is essential to spend some coins on Soda to keep your energy levels up and allow you to keep playing!

Unfortunately, you will need to relieve yourself eventually so visit the washroom when your Urine Meter increases — and don’t forget to wash your hands every time!

You enter the Arcade Simulator with three dollars in your pocket, but you can also find four extra dollars hidden around the Arcade Simulator. These dollars can be exchanged for quarters at the coin change machine in the main Arcade Simulator lobby. Collecting the extra money is actually a rewarding challenge in itself so here is where you can find your four bonus dollars:

  • Outside, near the left corner of the building. You will have to be quick or risk getting kicked out back into the Town Arcade.
  • In the main Arcade Simulator lobby, at the back by the concession window.
  • In the washroom inside the toilet cubicle. Wash your hands straight away.
  • On the floor of the basement corridor. You will only find this one once you have unlocked the basement using the key purchased from the vending machine.

How to Play the Arcade Simulator Games

Each of the three games can be played as long as you want. If you want as many quarters as you can get then they are easy enough to grind out for a while before you try to unlock the basement and complete the main Arcade Simulator puzzle.

GameHow to PlayPrize Tickets WonCost
Ping PongUse the red joystick to control the left ping-pong paddle. A small white ball bounces between the paddles and you must make sure never to miss the ball or the game is over. The paddle becomes shorter as the game goes on, increasing the difficulty. You earn a quarter every time your opponent misses the ball and when you hit a grey ball with your paddle.1001 Quarter
SnakeUse the red joystick to control the snake as it slithers around the screen eating dots. Eat every dot you can get and your snake becomes longer and longer until you cannot move without hitting a wall or yourself. You earn a quarter every time your snake gets longer. 1003 Quarters
Brick BreakerUse the red joystick to control the paddle on the bottom of the screen. A ball will bounce between the paddle and the bricks, destroying each brick as it hits them. There are many levels of differing shapes and you must break every ball to win. If you miss the ball three times, the game is over. You earn quarters as you keep breaking the bricks.1002 Quarters

How to Unlock the Basement in Arcade Simulator

To get into the basement you need to earn 50 quarters to buy the key to unlock the basement. The basement contains a machine with three colored wires which lead to different rooms: Yellow, Green, and Red. These rooms are connected to the games and you can control the layout of the room by playing each game like so:

  • Yellow Room (Ping Pong) — Pause the game when the ball is hitting the low left area of the screen where the pressure plate is located in the basement. You will know it is in the right place when you hear the sound of an opening door and see a gray square on the screen.
  • Green Room (Snake) — Play until your snake is a bit longer then pause when the snake is stretched from the top to the bottom to bridge the gap in the room. Don’t leave before finding the graffiti which reads “Don’t Fall Off???” and jumping off the edge. This will take you to the secret room with the dancing Sasquatch!
  • Red Room (Brick Breaker) — Your game will show you four digits during levels two to five. When you break the blocks in each of these levels, you reveal grayed-out blocks underneath in the form of a number. You must remember them as they are different every time. Pause each counter in the red room until the all of the digits on the counter show your code.
sneaky sasquatch secret
Image Source: RAC7 via Twinfinite

How to Complete All Arcade Simulator Bonus Challenges

The Arcade Simulator game also has four tricky challenges to complete, which all add extra points to your final score. You don’t have to win the challenges to complete the game, but they do boost your score considerably.

  • Found All Dollars — Sneaky Sasquatch found all four hidden dollars. 500 Points + 10 Prize Tickets
  • Good Hygiene — Sneaky Sasquatch washed his hands every time he used the toilet, AND after picking up the dollar hidden there (because who knows where that dollar had been!) 1000 Points + 20 Prize Tickets
  • On Board Rocket — Sneaky Sasquatch is upstairs when the final countdown ends. 1500 Points + 30 Prize Tickets
  • Found Secret — Sneaky Sasquatch completed the basement puzzle and found the secret dancing Sasquatch (find out more below!) 2000 Points + 40 Prize Tickets

So there you have it! The most complicated but most rewarding arcade video game in Sneaky Sasquatch. For more Sneaky Sasquatch tips and help check out how to win every Rabbit Race, or every helpful phone number in Sneaky Sasquatch.

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