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How the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Works, House Sorting Explained

I have no ambition in life, so I want Hufflepuff.

One of the most thrilling elements of enrolling with Hogwarts is the opportunity to enlist with one of the four houses. Perhaps you’re brave, and seek entry to Gryffindor. Your intellect may be keen, and Ravenclaw your desired destination. Or you just want to RP as a villain, in which case you kinda have to go Slytherin. Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to undergo the process to find your true calling, but how does the Sorting Hat work? We’ve got the sorting process explained below.

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How Do You Get Sorted Into a House in Hogwarts Legacy?

The talkative Sorting Hat is one of the most indelible images in Harry Potter lore, famous for a lengthy negotiation process with Harry and avoiding Draco’s noggin as if the kid had lice. Voiced by Jason Anthony in this iteration, the Sorting Hat’s participation in the proceedings seems to be mostly ceremonial.

Just like the chosen one himself, you can choose which house you will be sorted into. So much was hinted at by the official Twitter account, which indicated that the witch or wizard has the final say.

Linking your Pottermore account will not lock you into a house, either, so if you’ve suddenly taken a turn for the dastardly, you can pivot towards Slytherin at your leisure.

Is There a Personality Test That Can Choose the House in Hogwarts Legacy?

Should you be seeking a more intensive experience, you can be sorted into a house before even starting the game via the Wizarding World website. To do so, open your potions book to chapter 11 and follow these instructions.

  1. Create an account, or login to your existing account if you already have one.

  2. Select ‘Hogwarts Sorting’.

    This can be found in the top navigation bar on the website’s main page.

  3. Complete the quiz.

    The questions will explore elements of your personality through multiple choice options.

  4. Your house will be selected for you based on your answers.

    You cannot change the house on the Wizarding World website once it has been decided for you, but you can proceed to further quizzes to find out your type of wand and Patronus.

With this in mind, there’s really an option for everyone, between those who seek the thrill of chance, or those who would prefer to control their own destiny.

Right! The sentient headwear has spoken, its word is absolute and now you know how the Sorting Hat works in Hogwarts Legacy. For (Potter)more guides on all things wizardy, grab your broomstick and whiz through the links below. We don’t expect you to fly, of course, it just happens to be dusty down there and could use a good sweeping.

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