Type Soul in Roblox.
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How to Get True Hogyoku in Type Soul

Getting a True Hogyuko isn't an easy task, but it is possible.

Type Soul is a highly popular fighting game in Roblox with heavy anime influences. Despite what you may initially suspect, obtaining True Hogyoku in Type Soul isn’t achieved by farming Hogyoku fragments. With this guide, you’ll learn how to get True Hogyoku in Type Soul.

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What is True Hogyoku in Type Soul?

True Hogyoku has a different function than regular Hogyoku fragments. It appears as a deep purple orb and its in-game description tells us that it has “…the ability to read the hearts of those around it…and realize their deepest desires,” but this doesn’t tell us much about its abilities.

In short, it is used to upgrade Vastocar, Vizard, and Letz Stil users into True Vastocar, True Vizard, and True Letz Stil users, respectively. This is a notable upgrade that makes one more formidable in battle.

Type Soul in Roblox.
Image Source: Roblox

How to Obtain True Hogyoku in Type Soul

To obtain a True Hogyoku is no easy task, as it has a dismal 0.5% drop rate, so get ready for some grinding. There are four main ways to obtain this extremely rare resource.

Ranked Matches

Ranked Matches involve PvP battles, which can be tiresome to grind through, but are relatively easy if you’re good at them and you have a strong enough character build. You have to be ranked Special Grade 1 or higher to participate in Ranked Matches. You can increase the odds of a True Hogyoku dropping in a Ranked Match if you have accumulated a total of 50K Elo or, in other words, achieved Gold Rank.

Clan Wars

To participate in Clan Wars you have to, as you’d expect, join a clan. Winning a Type Soul Clan War gives you the chance to earn a True Hogyoku. To trigger a Clan War, somebody in your clan can host a Clan Wars lobby. Alternatively, you can host your own Clan War via the Special tab. A True Hogyoku is one of the many types of loot you can earn by winning Clan Wars.


Raids spawn in Hueco Mundo, Karakura Town, and Soul Society. Completing raids successfully allows you to earn a True Hogyoku if you’re lucky. This may be an easy method for some to grind out, as you have teammates helping you out.


The simplest way to earn a True Hogyoku is to trade. The only thing you need is a willing seller and the cash to drop on the rare resource.

Read the rest of our Type Soul guides to learn how to obtain other resources such as the Red Elixir. You can also nab some Type Soul codes to help you out.

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