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How to Get ‘Glorious’ Crucible Title in Destiny 2

Look to reach the ranks of Glorious? Here's how to earn the Glorious title.

Destiny 2’s Triumphs gives players plenty of unique titles and in-game rewards to grind for if they have the spirit for it. Hidden in the sea of menus and titles, one of the best rewards is the Glorious title, rewarded for spending plenty of time in Destiny’s PvP mode, the Crucible. If you’re interested in becoming one of the Glorious, here’s what you need to know on how to get the Glorious Crucible Title in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 ‘Glorious’ Crucible Title

Destiny 2, how to to earn the Glorious title
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To earn the Glorious title in Destiny 2, you must complete all nine of the Crucible Triumphs in the mode’s seal. You’ll be spending plenty of time in the Crucible, so make sure you’re prepared to grind it out.

Here are the nine triumphs with a bit of insight into what’s needed to complete them:

  • Forever Valorous: Earn Crucible Ranks across all Seasons.
  • Prestigious: Reset your Crucible Rank across all Seasons.
  • Decathlete: Complete 10 matches of different game types. Each unique game type increments progress.
  • Gold Medalist: Acquire gold medals in the Crucible Gold Tier category.
    • In the Medals section, you can find a list of the gold medals and their requirements under the “Gold Tier” tab.
  • Placement Series Matches: Complete 7 Placement Series matches in the Competitive playlist.
  • Division Promotion: Successfully complete a Promotion Series and get promoted to a higher Division in the Competitive playlist.
  • Division Debut: Complete matches in the Competitive 3v3 playlist. Earn bonus progress for wins.
  • Climbing the Ladder: Achieve Platinum Division in any Season.
  • Get Those Reps: Earn 300 points by completing objectives in the Competitive 3v3 playlist.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Glorious title in Destiny 2. Below, you’ll find plenty of related content, such as the newest Destiny 2 trailer for Season 19, all the Exotic weapon updates in the new season, or how to get Qualichor.

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