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How to Beat the Supreme Titan Boss Fight in Sonic Frontiers

Learn how to beat the final boss Supreme Titan in the Sonic Frontiers action adventure video game.

Sonic Frontiers takes cues from the Sonic Adventure game that helped revolutionize the series back during Sega’s last hope for a successful console, the Dreamcast. With this nostalgia in mind, Sonic Frontiers ops for more 3D action-adventure gameplay along with a new story that puts Sonic against four powerful titans. Technically the last boss of the game, Supreme is the final boss of the fifth zone and this guide will help you learn how to beat the Supreme Titan Boss Fight in Sonic Frontiers

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How to Beat Sonic Frontiers Supreme Titan Final Boss Fight Part 1

Supreme Titan battle in Sonic Frontiers
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To defeat the titan Supreme boss in Sonic Frontiers from the Ouranos Island area, you’ll need first need to collect all the Chaos Emeralds on the island with Eggman and Sage. After that, you’ll be able to take on titan Supreme, and in order to defeat this gun-toting mech, you’ll need to have its attack timing memorized and use your skill timing to near perfection.

You start the battle in Super Sonic form and there are no more Chaos Emeralds to fetch. The first pattern of attacks players will face are floating turrets that fan out from Supreme Titan as it stares you down from distance. These turrets will blast waves of destructive diamond-shaped energy straight for you. It can also spew out a blast of intersecting energy from its mouth along with a claw swipe and spinning claw slash to send additional energy slices at you as well. You’ll have to maneuver Sonic to dodge the oncoming attacks and parry any that you can’t avoid.

These turrets will also be your first target of attack so make sure to start hitting the closest one as soon as possible with your stomp and combos. In response, Supreme will force Sonic backward and start shooting volleys of lasers, which you can also parry to help you maintain your constant rhythm of attacks.

After you do a considerable amount of damage, get ready for Supreme’s spinning attacks which don’t have much prep time, giving you only a small enough warning to let you know it’s time to parry and execute a Quick Time Event attack immediately afterward. At half of its remaining health, you’ll trigger a cutscene that brings you into the next part of the boss fight.

Sonic Frontiers Supreme Titan Final Boss Fight Part 2

Image Source: Sonic Frontiers via Twinfinite

During this next part, Supreme Titan will be constantly moving and throwing out diamond energy at a much faster pace, so you’ll need to dodge like before but with more speed and accuracy. The diamonds will also be more evenly spread out forcing you to parry up to four times in a row, and sometimes a complete wall will be sent your way that’s impossible to dodge, so parry that too.

Eventually, Supreme will start to leave some immobile turrets floating around, and that’s the time to attack them. Just like before, perform the same attacks, but this time, Supreme will attack back more than one time, so you’ll need to repeatedly parry until it stops. 

You don’t have to focus too much on the turrets and can concentrate on getting close to Supreme as soon as possible to attack it directly. Use your Cross Slash to do as much damage as possible and charge into Phantom Rush for maximum damage.

When you whittle Supreme Titan down to a low enough health, another cut scene will play and this time it will bust out its gigantic rifle and try to hit Sonic. You’ll be prompted with a button-timing event to survive and start attacking the boss again. 

Press forward with your attack and after enough damage, another cut scene will play, and congratulations, you’ve beaten Supreme Titan on normal mode! The last part before the game ends is a Quick Time Event where you go against The End, and after that, the credits will roll. If you opt for hard mode, then The End will be a new type of battle; a retro-inspired space-shooter mini-game, similar to the ones you played on Starfall Islands.

All you do here is bring The Ends life low and then you’ll have one last Quick Time Event to pull off, and that’ll be it. Here’s a quick tip; you can play the game in normal mode and change the difficulty to hard before the final island to trigger the full boss battle with The End.

Completing the game should be a lot easier now that you know how to beat the Supreme Titan Boss Fight in Sonic Frontiers. Looking for more tips and tricks on the game? We’ve got you covered with guides on how to defeat Knight, how to defeat Wyvern, how to solve the Grave Mystery puzzle, and of course, we’ve got a full Sonic Frontiers review breaking down all our thoughts on the blue blur’s venture into the open world.

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