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Honor of Kings Hero Tier List (June 2024)

Which hero will you choose?

Using our Honor of Kings hero tier list is a great way to get started in this action-packed mobile MOBA that has finally released outside of China. Developed by Level Infinite, you pick from a range of heroes to control in team-based battles. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know which are best. In this guide, we’ll rank all the available Honor of Kings heroes for you to choose from!

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All Heroes in Honor of Kings Tier List

RankingCharacter Name
SAthena, Consort Yu, Gan & Mo, Guiguzi, Kui, Lady Sun, Li Bai, Luna, Mai Shiranui, Mayene, Mulan, Shangguan, Wukong
ALian Po, Arthur, Ata, Da Qiao, Dharma, Dian Wei, Erin, Guan Yu, Jing, Kaizer, Lady Zhen, Lam, Luara, Marco Polo, Mozi, Sun Ce, Ukyo Tachibana
BHou Yi, Alessio, Arli, Cirrus, Daji, Dr Bian, Dun, Fang, Gao, Garo, Huang Zhong, Lu Bu, Musashi, Nehza, Nuwa, Pei, Prince of Lanling, Shouyue, Sun Bin, Ying, Zhou Yu
CAgudo, Biron, Charlotte, Di Renjie, Donghuang, Han Xin, Kongming, Li Xin, Liu Shan, Luban No.7, Menki, Nakoruru, Princess Frost, Sima Yi, Wuyan, Yaria, Yuhuan, Zhu Bajie
DAngela, Allain, Butterfly, Cai Yan, Diaochan, Dolia, Fuzi, Heino, Liang, Lui Bei, Milady, Ming, Xiang Yu, Ziao Qiao, Yang Jian, Zhang Fei, Zhuangzi

Note that the Honor of Kings tier list above is a ranking of all the heroes available in the new Western release of the game. As such, any characters exclusive to the Chinese version of the game won’t appear until they make the move over to the new version.

A match in progress in Honor of Kings.
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Who Is the Best Hero in Honor of Kings?

As per our tier list, some of the best characters in Honor of Kings include Li Bai, Kui, and Guiguizi. We’ve ranked all the 100+ heroes in the game based on their relative difficulty to use. As such, those in the S and A tiers will require a more skilled player to properly harness during matches.

For those beginning the game, you’ll initially use Angela for the early tutorials. She isn’t a bad damage dealer once you’ve leveled her up. However, her slow movement and attack speeds make her practically unusable beyond that.

Therefore, aim to become proficient with characters like Li Bai, Kui, and Guiguizi. All of them are deemed ‘Very Hard’ on the in-game difficulty screen, but have better stats to compensate for that. Of course, you’ll need to have enough resources to purchase them from the Heroes page first, which will take plenty of time grinding through quests.

That’s all for our Honor of Kings tier list! For more articles like this, check out our Strinova characters tier list and Anime Defenders tier list. Elsewhere, we’ve got the Type Soul Trello link and Tarisland classes tier list.

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