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Goddess of Victory: Nikke No Caller ID Event Guide

Here's a full event guide for No Caller ID in Nikke.

The first in-game event for Goddess of Victory: Nikke is finally live. Titled No Caller ID, players will have to play through various event stages to earn a new currency, which can be exchanged for extra rewards. If you’re feeling lost with this event, we’re here to help. Here’s a full event guide to No Caller ID in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

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How to Start No Caller ID in Nikke

First things first, make sure your app is up to date. As you boot it up, the game should prompt you to download an update. Once it’s all downloaded, you’ll be able to access No Caller ID from the Event button in the lobby.

Tap the Event button, then tap on the No Caller ID banner, and you’ll be able to start clearing stages.

event banners in nikke
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How to Get Sound Sources

While most other gacha games often allow you to just blow through all the event stages in one sitting, Nikke operates a little differently. In order to attempt a stage, you’ll need an item called a Sound Source. All players are given five Sound Sources at the daily reset each day, which means you’ll get to attempt five stages.

If you want more Sound Sources, you can purchase them from the event shop, but this will cost you Gems. Because the Gem income isn’t exactly great for F2P players, we don’t recommend buying them. Just wait for the daily reset each day.

How to Get Toy Signal Towers

With No Caller ID, clearing event stages will give you a chance at obtaining Toy Signal Towers from each clear. These Toy Cones can then be used to purchase various rewards from the event shop, including Advanced Recruit Vouchers and High Quality Molds.

However, you’ll only have a percentage chance of getting these Toy Signal Towers from clearing stages. You’ll want to increase your chances of getting Towers by using specific units in your team. The following characters will give you an increased chance of getting Towers:

  • Helm (+40%)
  • Privaty (+30%)
  • Aria (+15%)
  • Ludmilla (+15%)
  • Mary (+15%)
  • Rapi (+10%)

All players will get Rapi automatically at the start of the game, so make sure to include her in your team for the 10% chance, especially if you don’t have any of the other SSR units. It’s worth noting that Helm is the new SSR unit that’s just been added to Nikke with this update, which means she has a higher chance of dropping if you pull an SSR on her rate-up banner.

bonus nikkes for no caller id
Image Source: Shift Up via Twinfinite

By including as many of these bonus units to your team as possible, your chances of getting Toy Signal Towers will be much higher, making your farming much more efficient.

The good news is that even if your drop rates are bad, you can still get Towers by completing event-specific challenges. These are pretty straightforward, only requiring you to clear the Normal and Hard stages at least once. It won’t be enough to clear out the shop, but you’ll be able to grab all the Advanced Recruit Vouchers at the very least.

You’ll also be able to farm select event stages for more Towers, but again, these are gated by the number of Sound Sources you have.

What to Buy First From the Event Shop

no caller id event shop in nikke
Image Source: Shift Up via Twinfinite

Finally, there’s the event shop itself. Really, there are only two main items that you should prioritize:

  • Advanced Recruit Voucher x10 – Cost: 4,000 Toy Signal Towers
  • RE-Energy
  • Core Dust
  • Battle Data Set

We recommend going for the Advanced Recruit Vouchers first, as these will allow you to pull on the rate-up banner for Helm, or you can just save the Vouchers for future banners if you’re not interested in her. The High Quality Molds are nice, too, but they shouldn’t be your top priority. Only get these once you’ve bought all the Vouchers, along with the RE-Energy, Core Dust, and Battle Data, as these will help strengthen your Nikkes even further.

The rest of the items after that are also useful if you’re looking to level up specific classes or factions, so buy them as you see fit only once you’ve bought the Vouchers and Molds.

And that does it for our No Caller ID event guide for Goddess of Victory: Nikke. All in all, the event is a little bit underwhelming in terms of generosity, and the fact that stage progress is time-gated and you’re not even guaranteed Towers without a full team of bonus units is a bit of a bummer. Still, hopefully this guide helps to make your farming efforts a bit more efficient.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on Nikke, including our full reroll guide and tier list.

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