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Gladiator Guild Manager Tier List (June 2024)

Full Pyromancer stack might not be meta, but I still love it.

GGM 1.0 is finally out, and there are more classes now than ever. However, even though more variety means more fun, it also makes it hard for the newer players to learn which classes are best. If you don’t want to test each unit yourself and instead want a cheat sheet on which ones are best, check out the Gladiator Guild Manager tier list we’ve sorted below.

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Image Source: Entertainment Forge via Twinfinite

S+ Tier GGM Classes

  • Pyromancer — Ranged, AoE, DPS, DoT
  • Purifier — Ranged, CC, AoE, DPS, DoT
  • Mana Assassin — Melee, Chaser, DPS, Stealth
  • Rhino — Melee, Tank, AoE, Taunt
  • Machine Gunner — Ranged, DPS
  • Banshee — Ranged, Debuffer, CC
  • Dark Mage — Ranged, DPS, CC, AoE
  • Storm Bringer — Melee, CC, DPS, Chaser, Stealth
  • Witch — Ranged, DPS, CC, Debuffer
  • Phantom Seer — Melee, CC, Chaser, DPS, AoE
  • Hook-Bot — Melee, Support, CC

S Tier GGM Classes

  • Hunter — Ranged, DPS, CC
  • Cleric — Melee, Tank, Support, AoE, Healer
  • Cryomancer — Ranged, AoE, CC
  • Priestess — Ranged, Support, Healer, Buffer
  • Necromancer — Ranged, Summoner, CC
  • Afflictor — Ranged, Support, Buffer, Debuffer
  • Skeleton Mage — Support, CC, Buffer, AoE
  • Horn Beast — Melee, Tank, CC
  • Drummer — Melee, Tank, AoE, Taunt
  • Metal Brute — Melee, DPS
  • Invigorator — Ranged, Support, Buffer

A Tier GGM Classes

  • Witch Stork — Melee, CC, DPS
  • Worg — Melee, Fighter, DPS, Chaser
  • Shaman — Ranged, Support, Summoner, Healer
  • Warlock — Ranged, Summoner
  • Storm Dwarf — Ranged, Melee, DPS
  • Executioner — Melee, DPS, AoE
  • Skeleton Assassin — Melee, DPS, Chaser
  • Lizard — Melee, DPS, Tank, AoE
  • Bat — Melee, Chaser, DPS, DoT
  • Venomous Mortar — Ranged, Debuffer, DoT
  • Marauder — Melee, DPS, Tank, CC

B Tier GGM Classes

  • Iron Scarab — Melee, Tank
  • Druid — Melee, Support, Healer, CC
  • Rat — Ranged, Debuffer, DPS, DoT
  • Brigand — Ranged, DPS, CC
  • Mace Wielder — Melee, DPS, CC
  • Granny — Ranged, DPS, CC
  • Fence Wielder — Melee, Tank
  • Summoner — Ranged, Summoner

C Tier GGM Classes

  • Stealth Bug — Melee, Chaser
  • Hobo — Melee, Debuffer, DPS, AoE, DoT
  • Ranger — Ranged, DPS
  • Berserker — Melee, Fighter, DPS
  • Crossbowman — Ranged, DPS
  • Claw Imp — Melee, DPS, Chaser, Dodge

D Tier GGM Classes

  • Spearman — Melee, DPS
  • Guard — Melee, Tank
  • Rock Imp — Ranged, Melee, DPS, Dodge
  • Knight — Melee, Tank, Fighter
  • Ghoul — Melee, DPS
  • Pitchforkman — Melee, CC

Well, that does it for our Gladiator Guild Manager tier list. Now, the only thing that’s left to do is join a tournament and see how far these units can carry you. Of course, certain units counter others, so testing them out yourself is really the only way you’ll truly become good at the game.

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