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How to Get All Gatlians & What They Do in High on Life

High on Life features sentient weaponry. Here's how to unlock all of them.

High on Life is Squanch Games’ take on mixing first-person shooter elements with the satirical nature of Rick and Morty. As a bounty hunter, players are tasked with saving Earth from an alien cartel, and this task is made significantly easier with the aid of sentient weapons known as Gatlians. Creative as they are, you’ll encounter quite a few of them during your playthrough. Here’s everything you need to know on how to get all the Gatlians, as well as what they do in High on Life.

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**This post will contain spoilers on each of the Gatlians, how you get them, and what they do. If you haven’t gone through the game yet, turn away. If you do not care, continue on.**

Getting All Gatlians

Throughout your ten hours of play, you will encounter five Gatlian weapons, each boasting unique abilities and personalities. Earning them is straightforward as they unlock through key points in High on Life’s story. You’ll unlock them all within the first five bounties you embark on in High on Life.

All Gatlians Explained

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As mentioned, there are five total Gatlians in High on Life that’ll make your journey much easier. Each one has a primary fire and a unique ability that serves the double purpose of clearing enemies and helping with world exploration.

  • Kenny: Your starting companion, Kenny, is your basic handgun and functions as such, albeit with a faster rate of fire and the ability to talk. Kenny’s unique trait is called the Glob Shot, which allows him to shoot a giant glob of slime. Use it to move panels and obstacles out of the way, or use it on enemies to launch them in the air. Launched enemies can be juggled by repeatedly shooting at them.
  • Knifey: As the name implies, Knifey is your go-to combat knife with an extreme sense of bloodlust. Knifey can be used to stab enemies or deflect enemy projectiles, open up Lugloxes for pesos, and act as a grappling hook for quick and snappy traversal to secret areas.
  • Gus: Every FPS title has to have a shotgun, and Gus is your go-to for close-quarter combat. Gus’s primary fire is a shotgun shell, his secondary is a vacuum to pull enemies in closer, and his unique ability shoots a giant disc that can be used as a platform when shot at walls. Staying with the disk ability, this can also be shot at enemies and bounced between foes causing massive damage. Knifey can deflect Gus’ disc shot to keep the blades of death spinning.
  • Sweezy: If you loved the Halo Needler, Sweezy will make you feel right at home. The Needler clone will shoot needles that will explode when hit with a charged shot from Sweezy, causing a ton of hurt on foes. Sweezy’s unique ability is a time bubble that will slow down all those caught in its radius, and upon being cast, the bubble will explode if shot at with her primary fire. Sweezy can also penetrate certain barriers with her charged shot, meaning no foe is safe behind cover.
  • Creature: Last but not least, Creature. This Gatlian serves as your crowd control weapon; Creature shoots out little blue monsters he calls his children. His children will attack all enemies in range and can be used to clear certain generators that block you from collectibles. His unique ability launches a mind control child that will make foes turn against each other.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Gatlians and what each of their abilities do in High on Life. Check out similarly related articles below, such as if there’s multiplayer or coop in High on Life, the price increase in Xbox first-party titles, or all the new titles hitting Xbox Game Pass this month.

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