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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Beat Whisper Harbinger & Bahamut (Spoilers)

So you’ve reached the final section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and things are getting weird. Spoiler alert: We’re going to be talking about one of the final bosses of this game, obviously. Turn away now if you somehow landed here by accident. It’s more likely though that you are here because you need to know how to beat Whisper Harbinger, Whisper Bahamut and their three Whisper friends Rubrum, Croceo and Viridi in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Beat Whisper Harbinger in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

We’re going to dive right in because it’s a long fight with a lot going on, but real quick in terms of materia recommendations: you can get away with pretty much whatever you’re comfortable with. If you have some powerful Enemy Skills, that’s very helpful, but one I will recommend for sure is Steadfast Block. In this fight in particular you’re going to be doing a lot of blocking so if you can benefit more from it then great.

It goes without saying that you should be fully stocked on all Potions, Phoenix Downs, Ethers etc. that you will need. You’re in the final stretch so don’t be shy using those Turbo Ethers if you have a bunch stocked. Just one more battle to go after this.

First Phase

In this first phase what you want to do is just quickly focus down one of the three whispers that are fighting you such as Rubrum. The easiest way to hang with them in this phase is just to simply block their attacks, and then counter with some of your own. Don’t get greedy or you will get punished, otherwise it’s quite simple.

After doing this, you’re basically just going to be asked to repeat the same process again. Same strategy but just try to avoid fighting the enemies on top of each other. In general the AI of these Whispers will square off one on one with your party members. Just letting them tank their individual one and you deal with yours is the safest way to play it.

Second Phase

In this next phase you’re going to go up against just one of the Whispers, but they are going to be tempered. This adds new skills into their bag of tricks and they are going to just in general be tougher to handle and damage.

Still at the end of the day it’s more of the same. Block, evade and then land hits when you can without being greedy. When you stagger the Whipser you’re fighting, it will also stagger Whisper Harbinger, AKA the big Whisper. Any damage you do to the Whisper you’re fighting will also apply to Harbinger. So like you would any staggered enemy, save up your ATB and have your hardest attacks ready to go in order to deal as much damage as possible.

If you don’t do enough damage to the final boss via the whisper in your first stagger, you’ll need to repeat the phase until you’ve done enough to trigger the next one. Limit break is helpful here to push through it quicker, but if you can save it for the phase after next, it will prove to be helpful.

Third Phase

In this next phase, you’re going to be up against two of them but they will go Temper at some point as you damage them. Same strategy still applies here as earlier when you fought them all it’s just going to be harder as the Whispers temper and become more lethal.

Try not to fight the Whispers all on top of each other, spread them out if you can, and focus one down until you can stagger it and damage the boss. Once you’ve done enough damage, roughly 50% health to Whisper Harbinger, you can move on to the next, and arguably hardest, phase.

How to Beat Whisper Bahamut – Fourth Phase

The three Whispers will eventually combine to form Whisper Bahamut and it’s a major pain in the butt. Everything it does will hit you like a bus, it attacks relentlessly, and none of it is easy to evade. Truly, your best strategy is to burn Whisper Bahamut down as fast as humanly possible.

The only thing you can really exploit is that Whisper Bahamut doesn’t have a ton of HP, if you can hit it hard enough you can just brute force your way through. Hit it with everything you got and if you got limit breaks use them. There’s a good chance if this phase carries on long, you’ll get it back; that’s how much damage Whisper Bahamut puts out.

At some point about half way through this phase or earlier, Whisper Bahamut will use Mega Flare. Make sure your HP is topped off as high as possible until it uses it so you can survive it. From our experience, Whisper Bahamut only used it once so after that has passed, you can wait a little longer to heal.

how to beat whisper harbinger, final fantasy 7 remake

If you attack fast and hard enough you can stagger Whisper Bahamut, it goes without saying hit it as hard as you can, and try to have Tifa start off your damage phase with a Rise and Fall combo to maximize your whole party’s output: Braver, Divekick and Ray of Judgment should all be on the menu for Whisper Bahamut.

If you can, try to save your Summon (which will appear for this phase) for as late as possible but if you need it to not die, then go for it.

Personally in my attempt, I got extremely lucky in that I was able to use Ifrit to not only help me finish off Whisper Bahamut, but I timed it out so that Inferno went off during the next phase which is a major help as I’ll explain right now.

Finishing Off Whisper Harbinger

For the final phase after you’ve defeated Whisper Bahamut, all three Whispers will return once again (seriously getting tired of them), but they will all be in their final tempered form at once.

If you’ve managed to save your Summon, now is the time to pop it. Ifrit’s Inferno, for us, brought all three whispers down to 25% health which was a massive help. At that point you can essentially just burn them down quickly to finish the fight before it gets out of hand.

It’s a little easier said than done since there’s going to be a lot going on with all three Whispers using their full suite of attacks at you at once.

If that’s not an option than continue to play it safe, work on one Whisper at a time, block as much as you can, and switch around characters often to keep the pressure off any one particular party member as needed.

When you’ve done enough damage to Whisper Harbinger through one whisper, you’ll kick off a final, final phase where you fight them again, but they come back with lower health and are easier to stagger.

As you stagger the whispers Barret and Red XIII will pitch in and limit break Whisper Harbinger along with you.

You’re in the final stretch now, all you need to do is keeping bringing Whispers down, stagger them and damage Whisper Harbinger through them until it’s dead.

That’s it, you’ve done it! You’ve beaten Whisper Harbinger and Whisper Bahamut in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There’s one more battle to go though so get ready. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered definitely make sure to check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake wiki guide and read our fully scored review.

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